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While there's so much to do in the beautiful park, we definitely suggest you take a ride on the Banff Gondola so you can take in all the beauty at once, and … There will be over 100 exhibitors at the 2018 Calgary Health Show, Amazon opens first no line, cashier-free grocery store (PHOTOS), Calgary's Little Modern Market is coming back for its winter edition, Head out on a Hot Chocolate Fest marathon, Spend the afternoon market shopping at the Galentines Market, Hexagon Board Game Cafe – #200 1140 Kensington Road NW, Calgary, Boxcar Board Game Cafe – 1215 – 1st Street SW, Calgary, The Wednesday Room – 100 – 118 8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Cleaver – 102 – 524 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, Gringo Street – 102, 524 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, Craft Beer Market – 345 10th Avenue SW, Calgary, Last Best Brewing & Distilling – 607 11th Avenue SW, Calgary, Two Penny Chinese – 1213 1st Street SW, Calgary, Calcutta Cricket Club – 340 – 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, Goro + Gun – #245 – 225 7th Avenue SW, Calgary, Native Tongues Taqueria – 235 12th Avenue SW, Calgary, Salt & Pepper – 1413 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House – 1309 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, Julio’s Barrio – 1110 Memorial Drive NW, Calgary. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion *ahem, Valentine’s Day,* an anniversary, or are simply looking for new ways to spice things up and spend quality time with your significant other, there’s no reason you should have to break the bank! via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined. We do not advise you to eat the corn! Grab a camera and hone some new … When: Find show schedules here Your muscles … Information on how to prepare for your trip and stay safe while on your hike is available from and AdventureSmart. Oh, you thought we were buying. Your muscles will hurt, but they will thank you at the same time. We’ll get nice and dressed up and hang out with you if you want. Try a latte at The Terrace Café, take in an inspiring … For your own safety, please make sure you are prepared before heading out on your next adventure. Be sure to enjoy the views that Banff has to offer, as well as each others. When: Opens May 1 And the best part is, you get to go real fast. If you and bae like a challenge involving strength, then look no further for we guarantee rock climbing will get the job done. So buy your tickets and settle in for this visual treat! Alberta Ballet. We love exploring and finding unique things to do in Edmonton, especially if some of you are coupled and boo'd up! Woodwork is a hidden gem, tucked into the historic McLeod Building downtown. As such, I’ve pulled together some fun, occasionally sexy winter date ideas to keep you warm. If you and your partner aren't afraid of heights, sign up for a hot air balloon ride courtesy of Sundance Balloons. Why not spice it up and try new things, hopefully this list will give you and your s/o ideas to get your fitness on while being adventurous af. With Spring right around the corner (depending on this weather), we want to start the season off with some spontaneity for you and your bae. Treat your date to a bit of adventure at Wild River Adventure Tours! © 2020 All Rights Reserved, Narcity Media Inc. 21 Romantic Edmonton Restaurants That Every Couple Should Try At Least Once, Rock Climbing at Vertically Inclined Rock Gym, Paintball night at the Edmonton Paintball Centre, Hit up the Nakoda Ropes Course in Canmore. Or is it a ruthless fight to the death? It's spontaneous af and it overlooks the city. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion *ahem, Valentine’s Day,* an anniversary, or are simply looking for new ways to spice things up and spend quality time with your significant other, there’s no reason you should have to break the bank! This activity is guaranteed to be an exciting one for you get to put your driving skills to the test. If you’re interested in taking a drive out to the Rockies, Canmore, Bragg Creek and Banff all boast unreal. Get all fancied up for brunch or dinner at The Castle! You two will be more affectionate, and you'll both be living on cloud nine. Kristy Archibald | Jan 23 2018, 8:17 am.,, Penguins at West Edmonton Mall were let out to freely roam the mall (VIDEO). It’s also a perfect spot for a lil couple’s Instagram shoot.

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