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Termed the Federal period, it followed precedents set in England by the Scottish architects William and Robert Adam. A Museum dedicated to the arts and artists of Indiana. A post shared by The Wolfsonian-FIU (@wolfsonian) on May 18, 2016 at 10:59am PDT.

Maker unknown. ©2020 Museum of the City of New York all rights reserved, Welcome back! Glass making was one of the first industries to develop in New York under Dutch and English administration and the domestic trade and import of glass made or marketed to the New York market is an important part of the city’s commercial history. Want a better video chat background? Purchase tour tickets, limited edition items, and more! American Furniture, 1620–1730: The Seventeenth-Century and William and Mary Styles The earliest European settlers in America arrived with only the most basic provisions to re-create their material existence. The Metropolitan Museum’s preeminent collection of early colonial furniture is expertly documented in this long-awaited publication., New Installation of Early American Furniture and Decorative Arts from the Kaufman Collection to be Unveiled October 7, 2012, at National Gallery of Art with American Paintings from the Gallery's Collection, John and/or Hugh Finlay Stay up to date about our exhibitions, news, programs, and special offers. 1905. In honor of Furniture Week—our celebration of sofas, side tables, and everything in between—we’re turning our gaze to the decorative arts and exploring the best museum furniture collections around the world. © 2020 American Museum | Registered Charity No. The next room introduces the dramatic change in style that occurred soon after the American Revolution.


Paintings by American artists from the Gallery's collection will also be integrated into the presentation.


4th St and Constitution Ave NW

Museum of the City of New York, 45.112A-C, Bryson Burroughs (1869-1934) and Willard Parker Little. Within the furniture collection are iconic works by leading New York City makers and designers including John Henry Belter and Company (w. 1844-1866), Herter Brothers (w. 1865-1907), Charles-Honoré Lannuier (w. 1779-1819), Léon Marcotte and Company (w. 1849-1880), Joseph Meeks and Sons (1829-1859), Duncan Phyfe (1770-1854), Pottier and Stymus Manufacturing Company (1859-1910), and Alexander Roux (1836-1880), Many of the objects identified as strengths of the furniture collection have verifiable provenance documenting their commission or ownership by distinguished New Yorkers such as John Jay (1745-1829), second Governor of New York State and first Chief Justice of the United States; DeWitt Clinton (1769-1828), Mayor of New York City, Governor of New York State, and Senator from New York State; and Al Smith (1873-1944), Governor of New York State. Don’t miss the collection of enameled and gilded Mamluk mosque lamps. Like the ceramics collection, the glassware collection contains many objects that relate to or were owned by important New Yorkers. We’re constantly on the lookout for the world’s most beautiful buildings, from jaw-dropping historic theaters to brand-new libraries that make both bibliophiles and architecture lovers swoon. Museum of the City of New York, 40.108.88. This theme of regional contrasts is further played out as important high chests from Philadelphia and from Newport, Rhode Island, complement each other on either side of the room. A celebration of sofas, side tables, and everything in between, with intel on where to shop and the best pieces to buy, no matter your budget. Three extremely rare tea tables in the center of this space exemplify the distinctive regional artistry of Philadelphia, Rhode Island, and Williamsburg, Virginia, craftsmen.

Two music boxes are featured. The Smithsonian's collections represent our nation's rich heritage, art from across the globe, and the immense diversity of the natural and cultural world. The installation of the Kaufmans' promised bequest of masterpieces of American furniture brings new focus to the decorative arts collection at the National Gallery of Art.

The final room celebrates the later classical style popularized by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Clarkson Crolius, Jr. Crock, 1835-1849. A singularly impressive clothes press from Charleston, South Carolina (1785–1805), with rich mahogany veneers, is juxtaposed with an equally important eagle-inlaid clothes press from New York of similar date.

American Heritage kann ich zu 1000% weiter empfehlen. Also featured in this room are three delicate "pickle dishes" and a fruit basket from the earliest American porcelain manufactory, Bonnin and Morris, made in Philadelphia between 1771 and 1773. George M. and Linda H. Kaufman The gardens and Garden Cafe are … Home Prices May Be Dropping Soon. The focal point at the end of this room is a brilliantly veneered mahogany sideboard, inlaid with drapery swags, ovals, urns, and bellflowers. Highlights include an exceptional group of Chinese export porcelain, including one of the largest extant groups featuring the New York State arms, a group commissioned by and given to DeWitt and Maria Clinton, and a diverse group of New York salt-glaze stoneware. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Girandole Mirror, ca.

For additional press information please call or send inquiries to: Masterpieces of American Furniture from the Kaufman Collection, 1700–1830, 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. daily, East Building The Kaufmans' promise of an equally brilliant American decorative arts component will dramatically transform the Gallery's department of sculpture and decorative arts. The American Museum in Britain opened to the public in 1961.

These fine examples of American decorative arts in the Kaufman Collection will be complemented by outstanding American paintings from the Gallery's own collection. Some pieces were made in New York by industrial manufactories, small potteries or individual artisans. The installation is guest curated by Wendy Cooper, the Lois F. and Henry S. McNeil Senior Curator of Furniture, Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library. walnut, cherry; white pine, poplar, cherry "This unparalleled gift dramatically amplifies the great American achievements in painting and sculpture long represented at the Gallery, while also transforming our collection of decorative arts by augmenting its fine holdings of European decorative arts with equally important American examples.". Closed.

The furniture collections at the American Museum are showcased in Period Room settings to create a sense of how American families lived during the last 300 years. With a wide range of regional and stylistic forms, the collection … As one of the premier museums of American decorative arts, the Winterthur Museum features 175 rooms furnished with the antiques and objects of Henry Francis du Pont, a horticulturist who was a collector of early American furniture.


Inspired in part by plate 78 of Thomas Chippendale's Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director (London, 1754), this tour-de-force is crowned with a carved mahogany bust of English historian Catherine Macaulay (1731–1791). We welcome donations and bequests from the public. Many of these objects were featured in 1986–1987 when the Gallery first exhibited American Furniture from the Kaufman Collection. From period rooms to hand-carved chairs, the best furniture on display. You’ll find an impressive array of metalwork, carved wood, and stone artifacts that illustrate the material culture of Egypt from the 7th through the 19th centuries. Let us know in the comments. → Partial list of artists in the collection, → Find the Folly Cove Designers by name, with brief biography and images of their designs, 27 Pleasant Street 1893 8-foot hanging Tiffany clock with vials of mercury to compensate for temperature changes; 1910 10-foot gothic clock, hand-carved in Indianapolis from 4000-year-old wood; 1890 10-foot R.J. Horner clock with winged griffins and rat-tail maidens; 1866 Ithaca six-foot hanging perpetual calendar wall clock. © 2020 National Gallery of Art   Notices   Terms of Use   Privacy Policy. Washington, DC—The National Gallery of Art presents "Masterpieces of American Furniture from the Kaufman Collection, 1700–1830." Much of the furniture is made from the treasured wooden materials huanghuali and zitan, dating from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Some of the rare clocks on display include: Weller had the only operating pottery at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, where the Haan Mansion served as the Connecticut Building. Here’s Why. As Denmark’s largest museum of Danish and international design, the Designmuseum has a vast collection of decorative and applied arts. The Museum’s collection of furniture, paintings, quilts, silver, and glass is presented in a series of Period Rooms within the historic Claverton Manor.

Weller displayed five massive vases, the three largest of which are in the mansion. Don’t miss the early American colonial furniture and the extensive European collection that dates from the Renaissance to the late 19th-century. Two new-style tambour desks and a rare demilune card table (c. 1794) made in Boston by English émigré craftsmen John and Thomas Seymour contrast with a stately Philadelphia desk and bookcase and a satinwood veneered card table signed and dated 1807 by Robert McGuffin (c. 1780–after 1863). Portraiture formed the mainstay of subject matter in colonial and Federal American art, and a number of portraits will be displayed by artists such as John Wollaston (active 1742/1775), Ralph Earl (1751–1801), and Gilbert Stuart (1755–1828)—declared the "Father of American Portraiture" by his contemporaries. American Heritage Instagram . The one pictured here is a 1900 American-made Orchestral Regina playing 27 inch diameter discs, and the other is a Swiss made B. From a plantation-era South Carolina dining room to a study from the late 1920s, the rooms are a remarkable display of furniture and decor through the decades. Located in the Art Deco District in Miami, the Wolfsonian decorative arts and furniture collection focuses on North American and European pieces from 1885-1945.

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