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Made with wholesome ingredients – whole wheat flour, yogurt, applesauce as well as a natural sweetener.

I’ll show that at the very end.

In in Australia.

Dump all of the ingredients, except for the blueberries, into a bowl. Let’s get back to your future weekend plans – your Saturday morning should definitely be filled with these muffin, lots of coffee and many hours of Tumble Leaf via amazon prime (which is on heavy rotation in our house right now).

My stores have been empty but are now slowly stocking up again.

Like most baked goods, these should be just fine in the freezer.

I found a recipe on, but I tweaked it so it didn’t have added sugar. So this may be a really odd question, but I am new to BLW and I’m trying it mainly because my 7 mo does not like any puree baby food I’ve given her thus far. I put it on 6 of them. My muffins just wouldn’t bake. Even better they’re super easy to make and freeze well if you like to batch cook. Strawberries released more liquid into the batch. Made with wholesome ingredients – whole wheat flour, yogurt, applesauce as well as a natural sweetener. You'll want to let them cool completely before transferring them to a freezer bag or airtight container. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I haven’t tried adding in extra yogurt or applesauce but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work. But I am posting this today, so you can make some time to go to the store to stock up on any ingredients you might need to make these delicious muffins for the kiddos (i.e. I am making these this week. And while I am pretty sure you will have all the ingredients to make these muffins already on hand, you might NEED to make a solo trip to the store so you can just wander around the aisles, hopelessly lost and content in being by yourself for a few minutes. Hi!

Thanks for the comment!

My muffins turned out a bit dense. Yummmmm! If you try one, let me know how they turns out. Pour the mixture into the tins, about 1/4 cup at a time. Hey Meg Pingback: Healthy Toddler Meals - Life of a Momma. These muffins can also be made gluten-free or dairy-free if needed. How much flour is in the recipe? Bake them at 400F for 20-25 minutes.

These muffins look delicious and I’d love to make them, but I can’t seem to find the amount of each ingredient that you added. Can you use frozen blueberries instead of fresh? Thanks! The strawberries may have done it. They can pick out and measure all of the ingredients. Now, if you want to make a grownup version, you will melt some butter, then stir in a little cinnamon, sugar, and flour. ** note – this post has been updated from it’s June 2015 original version. I cut mine open and spread a little butter on them. You can use a nut/seed based milk (almond, coconut, flax, hemp, etc). Hope that helps and your shelves fill up soon! As a mom, I use mom a lot to refer to the adult making food for the kiddo, but I should use more inclusive language. fresh blueberries; 3/4 cup flour; 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce; a pinch of salt; 1 tsp baking powder Thanks!! I made a grownup version that had some sweet crumble on top: for that, you need cinnamon, sugar, flour, and melted butter. I’M SO EXCITED .

For this recipe, you’ll need to get some flour, apple sauce (unsweetened), milk, baking powder, salt (just a tiny amount), 1 egg, cinnamon, oil (I used veggie), and fresh blueberries.

honey, maple syrup, agave nectar or sugar.

I didn’t measure… I just scooped a little bit of each!

In a large bowl, mix together the yogurt, milk, applesauce, egg and maple syrup until well incorporated. :/. Yum! Which I am currently making up because really any day can be muffin day! Filed Under: Breakfast, Family Meals, Finger Foods, Gluten Free, Kid, Kid-Friendly, Kid-Friendly Breakfast, Kid-Friendly Snacks, Kids in the Kitchen, Preschooler, School Lunch, Toddler, Toddler Breakfast, Toddler Snacks, Vegetarian Tagged With: blueberries, lemon, muffins, toddler breakfast, toddler snacks. Go figure. I just made the muffins. Add in the flour, baking powder and salt together until just incorporated.

Maybe try adding a tablespoon or two of milk to them next time. I love to create easy recipes that inspire others to get in the kitchen and cook. Thanks in advance for your reply! Shopper Reveals the Best Time to Shop & Score those 10c Markdowns! (For mini muffins, bake 11-13 minutes at 350°F (177°C).) 1 cup (or more, depending on your preference!)

He ate what he could and is loving it but I want them to look like yours ? Thank you. But your oven may be a little different than mine. Bananas would work in place of apple sauce, right? I can never tell either and I find that as long as you have fat from something (I usually use yogurt) applesauce makes the muffins/cakes/breads stay extra moist! Anyone else like that? Stir in the milk until combined and smooth, Add the banana and blueberries and mix to combine, Spoon mixture evenly into mini muffin tray and put in the oven for 15 minutes or until golden.

Just what I was looking for for a new breakfast idea for my dairy intolerant little bub. I’ve noticed some of your other muffin recipients don’t call for milk.

Required fields are marked *. It’s Thhhhhuuurrrrrrrrrssssday! Toddlers can help measure and put the ingredients into the bowl. I left them in much much longer than the recommended time, because they were still very wet on the inside. Gently fold in the blueberries and the lemon zest.

The gf flour shouldn’t make a difference but too much moisture from the berries could be the culprit! Find out more about bananas and nutrition here. Serve the regular kind to your baby as is. Learn how your comment data is processed. In a large bowl, mix together the sugar, yogurt, egg, applesauce and milk and stir until just incorporated. Can you put a recipe for just all purpose flour? I left them in longer, I let them cool and they did but we’re super soft. I typically only have flavored yogurt. I was just wondering what’s the pourpose of the milk and what can I use in its place? . Due to their small size, they’re the perfect baby and toddler blueberry muffins! I actually used breast milk because we had some that would have gone bad otherwise!! I would thaw them first so that the excess moisture doesn’t end up in the muffins! But spoiler alert: adults can totally eat them too! They can help mix the ingredients together. Full of goodness these are a perfect healthy choice for morning or afternoon tea. So yummy! Did you let them sit in the pan for a little while after the oven? I love bananas but not banana bread (or banana-flavored stuff). Do not overmix.

I ingredients are inexpensive and a staple in the house. You could easily make it dairy-free by swapping the milk with almond milk.

I would not have known what happened otherwise! Can I use almond milk instead for these muffins?

Sorry you are having a hard time finding flour. Gently fold in the blueberries and lemon zest. I haven’t tested eggs or dairy with her so I am staying away from the eggs in recipes and would like to stay away from milk too…so my question is, can you substitute breastmilk in a recipe when it calls for milk? Hi, I can’t find whole wheat flour and white whole wheat flour at the moment. Great note, Glenn. Blueberries are also known to help regulate blood circulation, controls blood pressure, improves cardiac health, helps bone development and growth and increases the rate of cognitive development. If I do t have apple sauce or purée to hand can it be swapped for something else? It has nothing to do with the kids. Or, 3/4 plain flour and 3/4 self raising flour with/without baking powder and salt?

These muffins can also be made gluten-free or dairy-free if needed. I added a few chopped strawberries and some oats – could that have been it? I haven’t tried either in this recipe, but that is where I would start. Although the title is a little misleading because it says no sugar added, but there is sugar in the topping, which we omitted. Bake for 15 minutes if making mini or 20 minutes if making regular muffins, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

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