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When we began our preparation to shop for a catamaran it was eye opening. Thankyou! Produced between 1968 and 1975, this basic but comfortable yacht has a lot of potential as a liveaboard. 8. We also figured out which advice to take to heart. For a lot of models there might be 100 (or less) boats made. © 2020 40 Grados Sur, All Rights Reserved, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. ‘Eco-versions’ are offered to environmentally conscious sailors, without compromising on the beautiful, high performing and comfortable designs they are renowned for. Site design by Swoon & Co. Creative, *This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. So we changed our mindset and bought a boat that is capable of living off the grid, but frugally. All the best. For more information on Lagoons, We understand that choosing your perfect yacht is hard, which is why we want to help! But if your plans don’t include that, then it’s a great choice! The use of low-density material makes these boats extremely buoyant and just about unsinkable. Whether you plan to go sailing along the east coast of the United States and the Caribbean or to circumnavigate the globe, Antares Catamarans can take you there without any compromise to comfort, livability, or safety. If we were going to live in this tiny floating home we wanted to better utilize the limited space in the hull. That’s what makes the Lagoon 380 so enticing. Sailing performance – how does it perform against the wind? For more information on Lagoons please contact us.

The sail gathering system aboard the Antares is an add-on to the existing boom and cradles the full-battened main when it’s…, We’re still processing the incredible reception we got at the Annapolis Boat Show and want to thank everyone who came on board to tour Antares 44GS Volare.

I really like your reviews and to put the tape measure on the bed and get the size is super important to me, however I would lover to have the height from top of bed to the ceiling as well because my wife is claustrophobic.

If you feel the need for speed, for example, then a power cat is the answer. The appeal of catamarans has led designers to construct vessels that satisfies every owner’s needs, but before deciding which brand is best, it’s important to make the choice between a power cat and a sailing cat. I saw in a Facebook group recently the tally is creeping up on 900. Plus, with the way the seats are situated, you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful sunset every time you set sail on this yacht. Their innovative designs and safety features continuously makes Bali one of the most popular catamaran brands.

Explore the ocean on a Nautitech 46 in luxury and comfort. She is a great ocean crosser, comfortable anchorage sitter, great scuba dive platform, ICW explorer, marina resident, Bahamas home, and much more. An extremely impressive catamaran. Choose between the three and four cabin options for up to eight people; where you can enjoy some time together, whether it’s just for a day trip, or for a longer-term adventure. The Cal 34 is very typical of mid-range sailboats of the 1970s. Representing the world’s leading yacht manufacturers, we offer a range of, . We loved hearing your feedback and comments, and yes, we do have a galley down, thanks for noticing!

The weight-to-volume ratio of this yacht has resulted in exceptional stability and balance, meaning every sailing experience you get to enjoy will be an unforgettable one. So Knysna, Maverick, Majestic, Antares and many others are still to come. This power cat offers luxury in abundance, with a 30m2 deck offering ample spaces for sunbathing! Top 10 Choices for Boaters, Leopard 48: Two Cockpits Are Better Than One, Leopard 40: Spacious Sailing, Catamaran Style, Leopard 40 Sailing Catamaran Video: First Look, Leopard 39 Catamaran: A Cool Cat Gets a Functional Facelift, Leopard 48: Two Cockpits are Better than One. The Bali seems great for island hopping and being at anchor, but it’s not on our shortlist as it’s not really designed for long term liveaboard cruising. The open-plan nature of this catamaran means it’s great for socializing, with spacious areas for sunbathing, sitting, cooking and sleeping. Insert watermaker, generator, A/C, etc. Here, we take a look at our top catamaran brands and what makes them a cut above the rest. Sailboats. Thanks for signing up, and welcome to the Sunnyside! The direct access to the sea from the main bedroom – just think of it as your own private beach! Help you as a new Antares owner get familiar with your new boat and any items that will help you become comfortable with your vessel. Hi Terysa, So a statement such as not designed for the long term liveaboard cruising begs the question “Why not?”.

The sheer size of the flybridge provides extra living space, and the accessible cockpit means you can enjoy outstanding horizon views. These are our picks of the best catamarans by Catana; contact us for more details. What we did know was we needed to research (a lot) and rely on the knowledge of others who came before us. A few years ago we downsized our stuff, sold our home, and set out to live on a sailboat with no previous experience. The contemporary design, wood throughout, large galley, and panoramic salon views make it more than a boat we live on.

Whether you’re looking to use it for a day trip, or a long-distance cruise, then this yacht can do both; making the Aquila 48 one of our top catamarans. Lucky for my nose, with a little patience and persistence, we were able to find our 3 cabin home. By Herb McCormick. Small production catamarans aren’t very common, so not too many choices are available until the 40’ mark. We had had great support from the Forum and the Antares company over the years.”, “After owning the Antares 44 for 6 years, I still have not found another cruising catamaran that I’d rather have.”, “Antares is unique and special, and we love showing off our beautiful home!”, “The longer we had our boat, the more we appreciated the design, particularly in terms of safety and efficiency.”, “The safest, most well-designed couples / liveaboard cruising catamaran on the market – period.”. These puppies are a little scarce and come at a premium, but it’s one a lot of folks are willing to pay, including us. Our Lagoon might not be the biggest or fastest boat out there. But so far Sunnyside has been a good boat for us. Every single Lagoon catamaran offers plenty of luxury living space, mixed with performance sailing ability. Sail handling ease – are the sails easy to raise, trim and reef. This is now the largest collection of reviews anywhere on the internet. The Lagoon 620 offers five different interior layout choices. It takes over 9 months to handcraft each Antares Catamaran compared to one-third the time for charter catamarans. Many sailors opt for catamarans over monohulls due to their speed. The controls are led to the small flybridge station so it’s also easy to sail singlehanded, which leaves everyone else aboard able to enjoy themselves in luxe comfort.

After 5+ years I haven’t heard of Bali’s swamping detrimentally, nor do I hear issues with the drastically shortening Leopard traps to allow for large foredeck sitting areas. In fact, catamarans are often seen cutting up the open water with a sailor or two hiking out in order to maximize their speed even further. A catamaran generally has no ballast. Avoid a project boat and buy new so your project can be exploring. Representing the world’s leading yacht manufacturers, we offer a range of monohulls, catamarans and power catamarans for sale. To provide an overview of the Antares, and give new owners the opportunity to learn more about the boat.

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