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Luckily CenturyLink allows you to get any router you would like to make their internet wireless in your home. Best CenturyLink Wi-Fi Routers In 2020. Has your Wi-Fi slowed down considerably, has been requiring frequent unplug/replugging in or is so old you can’t remember when you bought it? Actiontec C3000A and Zyxel C3000Z are the best modem routers for CenturyLink. With its built-in AC1600 router, you will also get high speed wireless connectivity, covering both your wired and wireless needs. Also, they come with dual-band wireless routers with the 802.11ac technology. They both offer 20 Mbps speed on the ADSL channel. While this modem router has a plain and simplistic look, it is quite useful, and for the price, the modem is a steal. It’s likely time for a new router. This ensures better speed and a wider coverage area. If you are trying to save money or stay within a budget, the ActionTec CenturyLink-branded GT784WN 2-in-1 modem router is the best choice for you. This router retails for almost $50. Best CenturyLink Compatible Modem Router (Editor's Choice) Our choice for the best CenturyLink compatible modem is the Motorola MD1600.

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