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He growled at Dormammu, charging back towards him. With a grin on his face, Pennywise rushed forwards at the same time as the tendrils.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A hurricane. On the edge of existence and non-existence. His grip was surprisingly strong. A familiar voice! You see, he likes to toy with the victim, wearing down their psyche until the exact moment he can strike. "Now...that wasn't very nice." He laughed, but a tendril from a familiar source stabbed right through 106, cutting off the demonic clown's sentence. Slender Man threw a tendril through Trigon's stomach and turned to Dormammu/Pennywise, blue fire surrounding his hands.

The Dimensional Bleeding is an event that distorts, rifts, leeches on and damages the space-time of various dimensions, he was unaffected by this, and is absolutely the deadliest attack in his arsenal!

Growling, he grabbed Slender Man's head and slammed it into the ground. This means he overestimates himself and underestimates his opponents. It said a raspy voice that grated his ears away. Get a taste of your own medicine!" Arthur let out a small yell and backed away, as Joker walked closer and closer to the eye. These two were the worst of the worst, killers without a heart, sentenced to death...when they got a second chance at life. Boomstick: Buuut Freddy's hax could keep him in long enough to throw him off, keeping the match alive. "Hohoho! When he turned, he saw the clown, completely intact. I apologize for the scare, Vergil.". Tommy was finally awake.

Like, if he moves like, 10 meters in his world, he'd move like 1 kilometre in ours. The force from the shove sent the two of them stumbling into the portal, the last of Dormammu's memories being lost to the beings. We can never kill each other. Slender Man stopped trying to resist and relaxed, secretly trying to concentrate. Slender Man took Power and Durability, while Pennywise took Speed and Other Powers. They were transported into what seemed like an old kingdom, something you'd see in history books. It can even revive the Slender Man avatar if it is ever killed. Gone! "Huh? Any human would be dead by now, but Shadow is not a normal human. Dormammu boomed, rising from the rubble of the planet. "What the...?" Then it opened its mouth wide and chomped down on William's bad arm. Wiz: And Freddy Krueger, the Springwood Slasher. Slender Man was right, he couldn't withstand that. Slender Man told Pennywise in his head.

"Why isn't this working?!". Wiz: Yeah. His smile disappearing, he tried struggling once more, but it was no use. He laughed, throwing the pieces off to the side. He was livid. Crossing its arms, 106 merely phased through the leg, not moving an inch. He sneered, closing his eyes and waiting. You see, while Freddy may be much more powerful in the Dream World, Carnage was still physically superior without any need of special powers. While Pennywise likely does have feats to put him at a comparable level, they're less defined than Slender Man's and are less clear. The Omnitrix.


To cause their psyche to deterioate to such an extent that they would take the life of another?

"Maria?! It also messes with technology, creating the 'static' effect we all know and love! But not anymore. Leaving the weapon lodged in there, he then summoned an army of undead warriors from the ground, who all leaped on Carnage with his final move being to set the machete ablaze and pouring gasoline the horde, destroying them and seemingly destroying Carnage. His already tall body rose up until it matched and even surpassed the clown. Then his symbiote is scared of the Silver Surfer. He can smell fear and can pull off incredible acrobatic feats. Too weak to react, the bolt of electricity snatched away her last tether to life. Who wouldn't be glad to return home? What did it take to kill this guy?! No!".

Each round will be a different JoJo crew against the famous spooky clown thing that doubles as a celestial being. That trick doesn't work on me!" And with that, Pennywise flew towards Slender Man, and tried to take over his body. Sighing, Pennywise let the Spider-Man go.

He froze, as Pennywise laughed. "This is not real...not real...This ain't happening!" Pennywise hopped into the air and grabbed onto a tree, surfing on it, trying to spot Slender Man. It just...exists. She shrieked, Slender Man, teleporting in front of her. Then he saw the clown's face.

Now the figure had what looked like...tentacles growing out of it? Do you mean "universal" as in a universe-buster? Yeah, they're both crazy, but Freddy prefers to toy around and taunt his foes instead of just straight up killing them while Carnage kills everything he sees as fast as he can. This night was the night he decided to venture into the woods. The voice was horrifying, like nails on a chalkboard. Wiz: He is highly tolerant of heat and sounds, but not exactly immune. "Heh heh! As the two attacks reached each other, the tendrils and bandages started wrapping around one another, squeezing each other tightly.

Novel Pennywise stomps.

The clown's hand swished through the air, slicing through the arm with little effort. He was conflicted. What's he talking about? Then the yellow eye disappeared. Carnage: We can say the same about you! If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. He smiled, rubbing his invisible hands together. He slashed towards the bear, who hopped backwards and grabbed his hat, turning it into a knife instantly. In the 2018 movie, he was able to absorb Hallie into himself, leaving nothing but a tree in her place. Freddy looked down and simply laughed. They devolved into nothing but screaming toddlers, smacking each other around, ultimately doing nothing. Slender Man threw his hands forward, flames following the direction.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win...a Death Battle. He cried, but Miles was distracted. He was almost faster than a bullet train!

With a jolt, Pennywise realised he was Slender Man, or at least saw his POV. Kevin turned to Gwen, but she was gone. In a flash, she dashed toward's 106 and opened her mouth wide, letting out a horrific screech that might've killed anyone human. "I'M NOT GOING BACK IN!" With a mighty roar, Pennywise bit down into Josuke's head, ripping it from its neck with one tug. Wiz: Bingo. All of them crashed into him, but none of them had any effect. "We've got to do something!"

This battle would not end well. Upon hearing the telepathic message, Trigon and Dormammu stopped and merely watched as a clown and a figure with no face grew to a size that could match them. Came a voice in Pennywise's head. The clouds darkened quickly, and a 'BOOM!' "Ha ha ha! Strong. It crumbled to nothing but meaningless rocks. He growled. (Cue Nightmare On Elm Street Soundtrack - Track 05 - Rod Hanged/Night Stalking).

The result was a being known as...Carnage. Slender Man launched the blue fire his way, which sped through space and crashed into his stomach. Gravity beams flew towards Hydranoid at speeds faster than the eye could track. Slender Man threw three tendrils at the clown, who dodged one and sliced the other two in half. Slender Man looked up at the clown, who grinned. He toppled to the floor silently, moving no more. He rose into the air and flew into Pennywise's brain. She yelled, looking down at her stomach suddenly. This wasn't the Earth they had known. But right before it would be harmful, Slender Man teleported away. Slender Man knew this, he had his Slender Sense after all. Then they were gone. The spider clown shook the ground as it sprinted towards the truck, smashing the truck further into the ground, singing eerily.

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