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With a rapidly rising profile and a spectacularly popular smoky taste, the agave spirit known as mezcal often replaces tequila as the primary liquor in margaritas. While gold tequilas are not as popular as they once were, there’s something appealing about their caramel taste and low price. ", "Old-school techniques create an exceptionally smooth reposado tequila. Tequila is one of the most widely consumed liquors in the world, and even the 10 best cheap tequilas for margaritas under $50 get attention due to the sheer demand for the drink.

Each ingredient is meant to complement the others. If you want to mix up the finest possible version of this classic libation, then you’ll need to seek out a tequila (or another agave spirit) well suited to this purpose, and we’ve got 12 suggestions for you right here, offered up by a group of professional bartenders from across the United States. Olmeca Tezòn Reposado Tequila, 10 Memorable Margaritas and Daiquiri Recipes, 12 Tequila Shots That Will Rock Your World, Why 1800 Tequila Is a Great Choice for Any Bar, Cranberry Margarita With Apple-Cinnamon Tequila, Danny Ocean Cocktail With the Smooth Taste of Casamigos Tequila. She has visited tequila distilleries in Mexico, tasted countless tequilas over the years, and wrote a book on the spirit. However, there are options available, and some of these are rather impressive for the price.The blanco will be the least expensive of any tequila's portfolio. The nose is dominated by fresh notes of green bell pepper and brined vegetables, while the palate evokes agave syrup and the prickly heat of freshly crushed peppercorns. Don't let the price stop you from enjoying a nice tequila as a shooter, though! It’s also a good choice for margaritas that include strong flavors like spicy peppers. Taproom manager Lamarr Hawkins of Brooklyn Cider House in NYC favors the rendition made by Del Maguel Vida, stating that “when making margaritas, I find myself reaching for a mezcal in place of tequila. It’s a great addition to a margarita!”, Co-bar director Othón Nolasco of Hermanito in Los Angeles opts for Tequila Tromba Blanco when making his bar’s signature margs, explaining that “the Hermanito Margarita features Tromba Blanco as its lush tropical flavors burst with a viscosity that cuts through citrus and lingers with a smooth finish. Patrón is a popular tequila, and you can find a bottle of Patrón Silver in almost any bar or liquor store you walk into. It’s home to the Olmeca Distillery, the makers of Tequila Tezòn.

The aromas recall pickled jalapeños and cactus, with a faint vegetal whiff of aloe vera. 10 Best Tequilas for Margaritas and Shots in 2020. It is made traditionally with 100% Blue Weber agave, crushed with a traditional tahona wheel and slow roasted in a brick oven. ", "From the land of the richest tequilas, this smooth tequila displays the taste of agave wonderfully.

It’s perfect for a margarita because [it has a] balance of fresh agave like you would get in a blanco, but also brings roundness and complexity from the wood aging.

The notes of this particular mezcal lean towards tropical fruit and honey, which add a unique pop to the classic margarita.”, “Joven” — or “young” — refers to mezcal that hasn’t undergone an aging process, like Recuerdo de Oaxaca Joven, the must-have margarita spirit for bartender Emilio Dominguez of Casa Maya Grill in Deerfield Beach, Florida, who tells us that, “El Recuerdo de Oaxaca is Casa Maya Grill’s new favorite mezcal. Añejo tequila receives 1-3 years of aging in oak barrels, and it’s commonly considered a “sipping” tequila rather than a cocktail spirit. Blanco tequila is also commonly known as “silver” tequila or silver’s Spanish translation, “plata.” Beverage director Weng Lee of Halifax in Hoboken, New Jersey likes Clase Azul Plata in margaritas “because [Clase Azul is] a truly artisanal tequila family – each type comes in its own unique, handcrafted bottle.

It should only be paired with a top-shelf orange liqueur and fresh lime juice. It’s a bottle that you can easily share with guests and rest assured that everyone will be pleased with their drink.

The margarita is a classic and simple cocktail comprised of a few ingredients: lime juice, a sweetener (such as triple sec or agave syrup) and tequila. It may not be as smooth as top-shelf tequilas, but it is one of the best affordable options, and it’s in nearly every liquor store. Tequila is one of the most widely consumed liquors in the world, and even the 10 best cheap tequilas for margaritas under $50 get attention due to the sheer demand for the drink. Prior to being enjoyed as a shot with lime, mixed in a Margarita, or simply sipped neat, there are a lot of steps in tequila production.. Agave plants, which provide the juice for fermentation … For most styles, the best tequilas include the words "100% Blue Weber Agave" on the label, and you will pay a little extra for premium brands, but the majority of these are relatively affordable.

The reposado is a blend of tequilas that use a traditional tahona wheel and modern rollers, bringing out the best of both agave processing techniques. Without barrel aging, there’s no extra flavor to disguise a poorly crafted liquor, so it’s important to choose wisely. It offers a delightfully smooth flavor with a pleasant hint of sweetness.

Lead bartender Chris Burmeister of Citizen Rail in Denver, Colorado counts himself among this number, recommending a reposado tequila for a margarita with appealing flavor depth. The grapefruit and lime in [Ocean Prime’s signature margarita] pair perfectly with the agave spirit.”, According to bar manager Cari Hah of Big Bar in Los Angeles, “balance is the key to any great cocktail.

All rights reserved. ", "An estate-grown añejo with remarkable flavor. As our name implies, we offer a suite of expert guides on a wide range of topics, including fashion, food, drink, travel, and grooming. Besting the competition with its remarkably fresh, floral-driven nose, Milagro tequila is expressive, exceptionally well balanced, and easy to enjoy. Sauza is distilled in the town of Tequila and right across the street from Jose Cuervo. ", You can opt-out at any time. Prior to being enjoyed as a shot with lime, mixed in a Margarita, or simply sipped neat, there are a lot of steps in tequila production.

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