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She is Crown Princess of China and one day to be Her Majesty The Empress of China. He sends them into the carriage to complete the mission which is to marry the Princes of Qui Gong hiding their pretty faces with paper fans. He is first seen in possession of Grandmother Fa, who crosses a road while covering her eyes to demonstrate Cri-kee's ability; however, his actions lead the Matchmaker to reject Mulan. Like other newly recruited soldiers, they lacked military skills before they were trained. Occupation When Sora, Mulan (disguised as Ping), Donald, and Goofy arrive, Yao cuts Sora when they were waiting in line for food, causing a fight to break out. While clearly heartless to his foes, he is proud of his army, as shown at the beginning when he mocks a Chinese soldier who boasts that all of China knows he's coming (he even lights one of the signal fires with a burning banner) and when he flatly refused to avoid the Imperial troops and instead chose to take them head on, despite knowing that they were much better trained and equipped than his own men.

After Fa Li and all the dressers have finished beautifying Mulan, Grandma Fa gives her a few items to make her look perfect (apple, pendant, jade necklace and Cri-Kee). In Mulan (2020), Hua Xiu (portrayed by Xana Tang), is the sister of Hua Mulan and the second daughter of Hua Zhou and Hua Li. Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Chang PO Chien anzeigen. In Chinese naming convention, personal names in Chinese, unlike Western names, present the family/clan name first. First Ancestor Fa is the ghostly eldest member of the Fa family and acts as leader of the ancestors. Character information Background information Like the rest of his people, Shan Yu is trained in living off the earth, possessing heightened senses and a trained saker falcon named Hayabusa as his pet. She also called Mulan a disgrace when the Matchmaker was the real disgrace. At the start of the first film, Chien Po, Ling, and Yao are recruits in Li Shang's troops at training camp to prepare China from the upcoming war against the Huns and its leader, Shan-Yu. In Mulan (2020), Li Shang's leadership is remade into Commander Tung (portrayed by Donnie Yen), a mentor and teacher to Mulan who leads the Imperial Regiment; while Shang's romantic involvement with Mulan is remade into Chen Honghui (portrayed by Yoson An), a confident and ambitious recruit in Tung's unit as well as Mulan's most important ally. Peter Chien Pokerspieler-Profil, Peter Chien Online-Poker-Platzierungen und Internet-Pokerspieler-Statistiken auf partypoker. In the second film, he wears purple and falls in love with Princess Mei. Fa Mulan is a young female who is willing to give up her life to save her father.

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