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google_ad_slot = "9515758921"; Simply log in to your account, click the 'Withdrawals' link and follow the on screen instructions. Communication Centre. Or you may be able to purchase some shares directly from an individual and then register them with ComputerShare. Go to the Computershare website.
© 2020 Computershare Voucher Services Limited. If you hold shares in certificate form, you can easily add these in to your Trading Account so that you can manage all your holdings electronically in one place. If you’ve never set up an account at Computershare before you will need to create a User ID and a password. If you are a returning user who has previously created a username, login here. Our services.

NOTE: There’s no law that says you have to be honest. Click on the link to read the Terms and Conditions. After you finish poking around inside your Computershare account, click on the Log out button, which may be in a bar on the upper right side of the screen. google_ad_width = 336; And there's an entire spectrum of investment possibilities available to investors – from high-risk, high-growth shares to steady blue chip companies. I and my wife have 2 accounts with Computershare. For added security, clear your browser’s cache and close your browser session. Please enter the company code or part of the company name and select 'next' 3 0 obj Employee Online. From your Computershare correspondence, type your Holder Account Number. Simply open a Trading Account or Trading ISA, deposit enough money to cover your investments and you can buy online or by phone quickly and easily. endobj If it says “what’s your favourite colour?” 4 0 obj Manage your portfolio and prepare tax pack. Online dealing of your corporate nominee holdings.

From the drop-down list, select a colour for your Personal Site Seal. Login and Create Username If you are new or returning user who has never created a username previously, login here.

Stocks and shares offer different levels of risk. Click to select the appropriate radio button beside. <>/Metadata 418 0 R/ViewerPreferences 419 0 R>> Before you start investing it's important to decide the level of risk you are willing to accept.

How do I do this. Carers Register here if you're an approved childcare provider and would like to offer Computershare Voucher Services payment options to your parents. If desired, you can add a cellular telephone number. Computershare – Ihr Dienstleister für Aktienregisterführung, Hauptversammlungs-Organisation, Dokumentenservices und Mitarbeiterbeteiligungspläne.

Issuer Online. Forgotten PIN? Manage your employee portfolio, access tools and support features. I haven’t own a share in my life. You will have to pick a colour and three words that you would like to combine to create a special symbol that is your Personal Site Seal. Because your money is not locked into your Trading Account, you can easily withdraw your money whenever want to. 24/7 client access for tracking projects and managing supplies Computershare Registration Instructions Step 1 - Confirm your stock Select option to register Enter account info Select name of stock you own sharers in Enter captcha code Step 2 - User Registration Enter account name Create login credentials Establish security questions Step 3 - Confirm your email Click on link in email Select button –I have If it is not displayed, do not type in your User ID and password! As a rough guide, cautious equity investors might like to consider a portfolio of solid blue chip investments. Open an Account. Your email address will not be published. I have some shares that I bought in the last century for which I have actual paper certificates. //
Always clear the tick box if you are on a shared computer. Login to Computershare. Find out more. Don’t be so cute with your answers that you lock yourself out of your own account though! You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

You must already own at least one share in a stock for which Computershare is the transfer agent. Manage your critical securityholder information. Click on the Investor Centre box. Shareowners of record may access their accounts via the Internet to obtain share balance, conduct secure transactions, request printable forms and view current market value of their investment as well as historical stock prices. As well as welcoming me the letter states “If you haven’t contacted us recently via our website or automated telephone system, or feel you have received this letter in error, please notify us immediately….”. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Employee Online. I am interested in a career at Computershare, Stay compliant and minimize business risk, Protect your business with a registered agent, Achieve effective mutual fund proxy campaigns, Designate a trustee for fixed income securities, Set up an escrow for your corporate transaction, Effectively communicate with your customers, Flexibility and choice for your employee equity plans, Manage your equity awards the way you want, Full service administration for your equity awards, Partial-service administration for your equity awards, Execution-only service for your equity awards, Close your next M&A corporate event with confidence, Offer your shareholders a great service experience, Operate efficiently in today’s mortgage banking industry, Achieve faster cycle times with loan fulfillment, Optimize your portfolio by outsourcing loan servicing, Gain insight from an expert property solutions team, Georgeson Proxy Solicitation and Consulting, KCC Bankruptcy and Class Action Administration.

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