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The primary source which confirms her parentage has not yet been identified.

Dieser einflußreiche Sachwalter des fränkischen Königs, der in Alemannien ein eigenmächtiges Regiment zum großen Leidwesen vor allem des St. Galler Abtes Otmar geführt hatte, verlor unter KARL DEM GROSSEN die Gunst des Königs und verschwand von der politischen Bühne, auf der sein Nachfahre Welf in auffallender Entsprechung nicht in Erscheinung trat.

Dux. Et dokument som inneholder ti korte avsnitt, det er usikkert om de tidligere delene av familien er nøyaktig representert: spesielt er det en tilsynelatende konflikt av en generasjon (se nedenfor).

352 and 353.

[601] Gorze 14, p. 35. Graf. A poem by Walahfridus Strabus records the epitaph of "Adelheidam"[841].

The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. The primary source which confirms her marriage has not yet been identified.

JUDITH ([805]-Tours 19 Apr 843, bur Tours Saint-Martin). Adonis Continuatio registrerer dødsfallet i 866 av" avunculus quoque eius [Carolo, Ludovici filii "] Radulfus, consiliarius primusque palatii " [1763] . [830] Annales Bertiniani III 866. He was given the abbeys of Saint-Riquier and Jumièges, through the influence of his sister Empress Judith. Settipani states that the passage is a 12th century interpolation and has little historical value, although he does suggest that it is likely that the wife of Comte Robert was a close relation of Adelais without providing the basis for this statement[984].

The Annales Xantenses record the marriage in 827 of "Ludewicus rex" and "sororem Iudith imperatricis" but does not name her[863]. Chronique de Saint Riquier registrerer at " Rodolphe ... du sang imperial… oncle du glorieux roi Charles " lyktes abbeden Louis som var abbed av Saint-Riquier [1760] . The Annales Bertiniani name "Hugoni clerico, avunculi sui [=Karoli regis] Chonradi filio" when recording that he received the counties of Tours and Angers in 866[989].

He left an only son Rudolph, who assumed the royal crown, at the abbacy of St Maurice en Valais, in 888, and whose independence being confirmed by two victories over Arnulf, the emperor, was at last acknowledged, in a general diet of the German empire. m HRUODUN, daughter of --- (-after 867). Other facts Married Imma Duchess OF SWABIA. Welf I (or Hwelf; died about 825) is the first documented ancestor of the Elder House of Welf. 776 Death of daughter Irmentruda Thiedrada VON NAGOLZGAU. [838] Walahfridi Strabi Carmen, MGH Poetæ Latini ævi Carolini II, p. 387. The Vita Hludowici Imperatoris records the marriage of "Iudith filiam Welponis…comitis" and Emperor Louis I[999].
LUDWIG I. 2. Comte d'Auxerre in [866], assuming that Hugues was appointed to succeed Robert "le Fort" in this as well as the latter's other counties, although the primary source which confirms this beyond doubt has not yet been identified. ^, FMG on Welf, the Margrave of Swabia, From the English Wikipedia page on the Elder House of Welf,

The Miraculis Sancti Germani names "Hugo" as one of the sons of "Chuonradus princeps" who continued to patronise the church of Saint-Germain at Auxerre after their father's death[990]. [597] DD Kar.

Married Gerald I (Gérold) Graf von VINTZGAU.

Welf originated from a distinguished dynasty of Franconian nobles.
Welf, though still adhering to the party of the church, began to relax in his exertions to support Rudolf of Rheinfelden. He opposed the election of Conrad II in 1024 because it did not suit his interests, but he had to eventually relent. Falla, P. S. (1986) Henry the Lion: a Biography (Clarendon Press, Oxford), p. 1. He received from Emperor Louis the territories of Genève, Lausanne and Sion.

Thegan's Vita Hludowici Imperatoris names "filiam Hwelfi ducis sui, qui erat de nobilissima progenie Bawariorum…Iudith…ex parte matris…Eigilwi nobilissimi generic Saxonici" as second wife of Emperor Louis, specifying that she was "enim pulchra valde"[856]. His parentage is deduced from Regino who names "Ruodolfus filius Chuonradi, nepos Huggonis abbatis"[986], the latter being recorded in the Miraculis Sancti Germani as "Hugo" one of the sons of "Chuonradus princeps", the patron of the church of Saint-Germain at Auxerre[987]. 3.

[860] Settipani (1993), pp.

Ludowicus ... rex " ga en donasjon til St Felix & Regula i Zürich med navnet " filia nostra Bertha ... [et] coniugis nostræ Hemmæ"Av charter datert 29 oktober 863 [1798] . However, supported by his faithful Bavarians and aided by his father in Italy, Welf was able to maintain his place, and openly defy the ban of the Empire in May 1077.

Abbot of Saint-Bertin 859/62. Thegan's Vita Hludowici Imperatoris records that "quondam duce Bernhardo, qui erat de stirpe regali" was accused of violating "Iudith reginam" but comments that this was all lies[859]. 52, 149, T5, 1.

The Annales Alamannicorum record "Hruodolfus frater Iudith Augustæ" among those who swore allegiance in 864[969]. Die Verknüpfung Ruthards mit den WELFEN erlaubt uns nur, in Welf, dem Vater der Kaiserin Judith, einen Nachkommen Ruthards zu sehen.

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