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ASTM D4303 - 10, Pigments are also often named by the country or place of origin, where the pigments was first found or synthesized. Regardless of the orientation on your wall, the abstract metal art design and earth tone-inspired colors of ‘Violet Rhapsody’ will be a great conversation piece on your wall as the artwork accents the decor of any modern, abstract or contemporary office or home. Pigments that are included in the database: Only single pigment artist paints or pigments will be listed in pigment charts, except in a few cases were a co-precipitated pigment or an intimate pigment mixture were given a distinct color index generic name or number. As an example; any color labeled with the name "Emerald Green" the common historic name for Copper Arsenite, a rat poison, will certainly be a substitute made with less toxic pigments (be advised that it is possible in that a very old product, say, a old tube of paint found in great granny's attic, could be the real thing). If your in a hurry, click here to go to the Quick Jump Chart Below, For Important Info on the Pigment Database Click Here, For the Pigment Table Key Click Here to open in a new window, (for Key to the codes click here, or scroll to scroll down beneath the tables of any page), Miscellaneous Historic Natural Pigments Mineral Pigments Unclassified and Exotic Pigments, "The Color Index Classification System and Terminology", "The Colour Index Classification System and Terminology", You can more info on marketing and other paint nomenclature at the site here, The Colour Index International Constitution Numbers page. Web Site Hosting: HostMonster Unlimited everything only $6.95/month. Most often thought of are brown and beige but the natural earth displays itself in an entire array of colors depending on the chemicals or minerals present. In addition, it is worthy to note that some pigments generally said to have poor light fastness have been found hundreds of years later seemly bright as the day they were created. Although I have made every effort to insure all pigment information and reference specifications are correct (see bibliography for more complete reference sources), I can not guarantee the accuracy of the Information or the suitability for any particular artistic application or process.

1 = ASTM V, Very Poor (fugitive)*. Apr 20, 2016 - Description: Earthtone colors come from natural things around us: brown soil, green leaf, cloudy sky, as well as the red sun. 6 = ASTM II, Very Good

The notes column: is a place for useful references, notations of discrepancies found in product information, compatibility or incompatibility issues, old wives tales and any other interesting pigment info I have found that is not covered under one of the other columns. V = Fugitive or very poor, will show changes in 2 years or less GOLDEN Natural Earth Colors are so diverse in tone and subtleties it would take a substantial article to describe each color fully. This site is for information only, I do not sell pigments.

Making a purchase from one of these links will help support the site. The paint & pigment database color charts: The color tables are sorted by the Color Index generic name (sometimes referred to as "Colour Index International Generic Name" or "CI pigment name"), making it easy to look up the C.I. The CI chemical constitution numbers and the chemical names, and pigment composition: These have specific meaning indicating chemical composition. PY 13 PY 14 PY 16 PY 17 PY 21 PY 24 PY 30 PY 31 PY 32 PY 33 PY 34 PY 34:1 PY 35 PY 35:1 PY 36 PY 36:1 PY 37 PY 37:1 PY 38 PY 39 PY 39 PY 40 PY 41 PY 42 PY 43 PY44 PY45 PY 46 PY 47 PY 48 PY 53 PY 55 PY 61 PY 62 PY 62:1 PY 63 PY 65 PY 73 PY 74 PY 75 PY 77 PY 81 PY 83 PY 87 PY 93 PY 94 PY 95 PY 97 PY 98 PY 100 PY 101 PY 104 PY 105 PY 108 PY 109 PY 110 PY 111 PY 112 PY 113 PY 115 PY 116. All art materials should be handled with care and could kill you if handled carelessly. This is often due to marketing decisions, regional and international language differences and historical variations in common usage.

This confusion is precisely why the Color Index was developed, and is one of the reasons it is wise to check the label for the Color Index Names to find the actual pigment being used. Thus, for the sake of brevity GOLDEN Natural Earth Colors can be placed into the following color groups.

When an art material manufacturer does not conform to the ASTM D 4302 or confirm the actual pigment used, it indicates, to me at least, that it is almost certainly a mixture or substitute. You can help support this site by purchasing thru those links. Refer to the key for a full explanation of these abbreviations.

This huge 7-panel sculpture design features a swirl design grind pattern on the surface of the metal panels. The first column is CI Generic Name Abbreviation: this is explained above.

4-5 = ASTM III, Fair

NR 2 NR 3 NR 4 NR 6 NR 8 NR 9 NR 10 NR 11 NR 12 NR 16 NR 20 NR 22 NR 23 NR 24 NR 25 NR 26 NR 28 NR 31, PR 1 PR 2 PR 3 PR 4 PR 5 PR 6 PR 7 PR 8 PR 9 PR 12 PR 13 PR 14 PR 15 PR 17 PR 19 PR 21 PR 22 PR 23 PR 31 PR 32 PR 38 PR 39 PR 47 PR 48PR 48:1 PR 48:2 PR 48:3 PR 48:4 PR 49 PR 49:1 PR 49:2 PR 52:1 PR 52:2 PR 53 PR 53:1 PR 57 PR 57:1 PR 57:2 PR 58:4 PR 60 PR 60:1 PR 61 PR 62 PR 63 PR 63:1 PR 69 PR 81 PR 81:1 PR 81:2 PR 81:3 PR 81:4 PR 83 PR 83:1 PR 83:3 PR 85 PR 88 PR 89 PR 90 PR 90:1 PR 101 PR 101:1 PR 102 PR 103 PR 104 PR 105 PR 106 PR 107 PR 108 PR 108:1 PR 109 PR 112 PR 113 PR 113:1 PR 114 PR 119 PR 120 PR 121 PR 122 PR 123 PR 139 PR 144 PR 146 PR 147 PR 148 PR 149 PR 150 PR 160 PR166 PR 168 PR 169 PR 170 PR 170:1 PR 171 PR 172 PR 173 PR 174 PR 175 PR 176 PR 177 PR 178 PR 179 PR 180 PR 181 PR 183 PR 184 PR 185 PR 187 PR 188 PR 190 PR 192 PR 193 PR 194  PR197  PR 200 PR 202 PR 204 PR 206 PR 207 PR 208 PR 209 PR 210 PR 211 PR 212 PR 213 PR214 PR 216 PR220 PR221 PR 223 PR 224 PR 226 PR 230 PR 231 PR 232 PR 233 PR 235 PR 236 PR 238 PR 239 PR 242 PR 243 PR 245 PR 251 PR 252 PR 253 PR 254 PR 255 PR 256 PR 257 PR 258 PR 259 PR 260 PR 262 PR 264 PR 265 PR 266 PR 268 PR 269 PR 270 PR 271 PR 272 PR 273 PR 274 PR 275 PR 276 PR 279 PR 282 PR 286 PR 287 PR 288, Cinnabar Cobalt Red Egyptian Red Gold Fuchsite Garnet Granite Piemontite Pipestone Pozzuolana Red Earth Quinacridone pyrrolidone PR Realgar Red Coral Red Jasper Red Powdered Glass Red Porphyry Rhodonite Sedona, PV 1 PV 1:1 PV 1:2 PV 2 PV 2:2 PV 3 PV 3:1 PV 3:3 PV 5 PV 5:1 PV 7 PV 13 PV 14 PV 15 PV 16 PV 18 PV 19 PV 23 PV 25 PV 27 PV 29 PV 31PV 32 PV 36 PV 37 PV39 PV 42 PV 44 PV 47 PV 48 PV 49 PV 50 PV55 PV 58 PV 171, Amethyst  BV1 BV15 Cobalt Arsenate Copper Violet Violet Hematite Folium Han Purple Manganous Phosphate Purple Sugilite Purpurite Silver chromate Vesuvianite, PB 1 PB 1:2 PB 9 PB 15 PB 15:1 PB 15:2 PB 15:3 PB 15:4 PB 15:6 PB 15:34 PB 16 PB 17 PB 24 PB 25 PB 27 PB 28 PB 29 PB 30 PB 31 PB 34 PB 35 PB 36 PB 36:1 PB 60 PB 61 PB 61:1 PB 62 PB 63 PB 66 PB 68 PB 71 PB 72 PB 73 PB 74 PB 75 PB 76 PB 79 PB 80 PB 81 PB 82 PB 84 New! The Color Index is an internationally recognized standard of pigment classification. This color helps me create transparent warm shades in the flash and portraits… and I use … Pure-neutral colors include black, white, and all grays, while near-neutral hues include browns, tan, and darker colors. Only manufacturers that adhere to ASTM standards will be included. *When known, blue wool scale ratings will be given for tints in the following format: Full;1/2 tint/;1/4 tint (i.e. Several colors were named for the area where the earth used for their pigment was found.

If that name is not available, It may be the commonly excepted historical name, chemical name, or the name given it by the first manufacturer or inventor. Reference "The Colour Index Classification System and Terminology". The basic opacity & transparency info: is rated 1 through 4, with 1 as being opaque and 4 meaning transparent . Earth tones were used during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. This color combination was created by user Keshav Naidu.The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below. using the extremely light fast natural earth pigments for the fugitive pigments "mummy" and "Van Dyke Brown"). Copyrighted works are always the exclusive property of the copyright holder and can not be sold, compiled, or added to another work without the permission in writing by the copyright owner, any other use may constitute a crime or copyright infringement.

These are not necessarily proven facts, but only items that need further research or have been said about a pigment. The fastness to light is extremely valuable for artists wishing to make permanent works, but remember that many factors contribute to the final light fastness of any particular formulation. Natural Red Iron Oxide. Most of the information in the Pigment Database was collected from the pigment specifications published by the manufacturers or art material suppliers. Neutral colors can be created by mixing two complementary colors or combining a pure color with white, black, or gray.

Thank You! As a general rule (but not always the case) oil, alkyd and acrylic binders add some degree of protection and will be slightly more light fast than watercolors.Reference the following: (ASTM D4303 - 10, Select the Color Index Name Abbreviation Below: NY 2 NY 3 NY 6 NY8 NY 10. Such mixes are colorful and have a pleasant tone.

Moreover all books, e-books, magazines, journals, thesis, website links or download links inclusion on the "free book" page list are intended for your own personal use, and does not imply, nor is it intended to imply, that a work is in the public domain or out of copyright. All these different names for the same pigment or paints made from them can be confusing, especially when different pigments may be marketed under the same name by different companies. DO NOT assume that the inclusion of any e-book, book, website or link in the free e-book page, means that a work is out of copyright. Not to say all mixed pigments are bad, How can it be giving away a trade secret by printing the pigment on the label?

Most artist paint brands and the ASTM do not test for the effects of heat, moisture, pollution or other environmental factors. In the past some common historical mixtures were given CI Generic Names, but that is not usually done anymore.

For more information on the ASTM standards and Color Index International Pigment Names you should check out their websites, in which i have linked to above. Without the pigment names or C. I. numbers, as stated above, you have no way of knowing what's in the paint and if you are actually getting what you pay for. Some of the paint or pigment manufacture links may be affiliate links. The colors in an earth tone scheme are muted and flat in an emulation of the natural colors found in soil, moss, trees and rocks.

I have used the ASTM rating when possible, but The ASTM has not rated all pigments, and stopped rating pigments entirely sometime in the late 90's early 2000's. The free art eBook page is also a valuable reference.

Under each heading below is a simplified description of each color’s space.

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