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Support for patient surveillance, waitlist management, UNOS waitlist reconciliation and UNOS registry is included. This application tracks ED patient visits to the emergency department (ED).

Activity from which users can quickly schedule an appointment through Cadence scheduling. A pool is an In Basket messaging group created by administrators.

An Epic application used to communicate charges from clinical to billing systems.

Epic's obstetric information system application. Clinicians can prescribe medications, enter notes, indicate diagnoses, and create orders at the point of care.

These are ordering preferences linked to and created by providers by right clicking on an order during order entry.

A clinical contact with a patient.

Uses handheld devices in a scan-based workflow, allowing users to review orders needing collection, print specimen labels at the point of care, capture collection details, as well as the ability to pass medications, and input patient data vital signs, intake/output, etc.). A restriction placed on a patient's medical records, limiting the release of these records to third parties. EPIC - User’s Guide 1 / 40 Chapter 1 Plug-in Installation 1.1Prerequisites 1.1.1Eclipse Before installing the EPIC plug-in, a recent version of Eclipse has to be installed. The process for entering and managing physician orders and instructions electronically. A medication order has been verified by pharmacy and at least one dose has been dispensed.

If you want to check more detailed shipment status or pay online, please login.

Device integration is also available. CPOM [Computerized Physician or Provider Order Management]. When tests results are received, whether in-house or via an external system, someone needs to know about the results. Allows clinicians to access a census workspace that allows them to view and update current information on patients in their care. Epic’s pharmacy application. EpicCare Inpatient spans hospital departments and specialties, giving providers the tools they need to deliver safe, high-quality care. The application has built-in support for ICU/critical care workflows and five rights checking with barcoded medication administration. Their customer service and responsiveness has been excellent whenever any issues arise and their technical support team is extremely knowledgeable.

QuickActions improve physician productivity by reducing the number of clicks required to perform some common tasks in the In Basket. If you don’t have an account with us, sign up for ePic Online today by clicking.

Displays an interactive graphical map of the ED, as well as current staff working in the ED. The Clarity application extracts data from Chronicles and stores it on a dedicated analytical reporting server in a relational format, organized as tables and columns. These departments often use a combination of clinical documentation tools from both EpicCare Ambulatory and EpicCare Inpatient. It's integrated with OpTime, Epic's operating room management application. Order has been verified by the Pharmacist but Epic has no record of it being dispensed. Order Sets may be suggested based on entries on your patient's problem list, and you can also mark Order Sets you use frequently as your favorites. Our single contracting and integration experience makes us an Epic solution for “all things payments”.

The Dashboard allows the pharmacist to monitor orders to verify interventions, and view InBasket messages. BPAs can appear in the Visit Navigator, Order Entry, and In Basket messages. A group of orders and other elements, such as notes, chief complaints, SmartGroup Panels, and levels of service, that are commonly used together to document a specific type of visit. A record documenting the details of a request for patient health information. Resolute Professional Billings helps streamline charge entry, follow-up, payment posting, and other revenue cycle activities. ; One Simple and Fast e-Sign App for Credit Cards and ACH Get immediate approvals and on-boarding via our easy-to-use, quick online app. The process of automatically voiding a charge and reposting it with the correct coverage, properly priced and adjudicated. The requester address to which released patient health information is sent. The module allows providers to conveniently organize and print or view the complete course of obstetric care. Report summarizing suc things as orders, diagnoses, and notes for an encounter you can print and send home with the patient. It connects each member of the care team to a single patient record, ensuring that treatment decisions are based on up-to-date information and that care is coordinated when patients are treated by multiple providers. Hospital Professional Fee [HPF] charge entry. It supports paperless collection processes and helps you submit clean, accurate claims, minimizing denials and helping keep AR days low. This includes orders for such things as lab tests, consults, supplies, and imaging.

It also combines efficient chart review, orders, and documentation in a fast system that incorporates providers’ preferences through the creation of preference lists. Sign In. A method used to release patient information without having to print or fax it. They can access progress notes, lab results, discharge instructions, consult notes, and other portions of the patients chart. Cupid is cardiovascular information systems building on the cardiology features in EpicCare.

The application manages obstetric staff workflow and includes all patient documentation and ordering for each patient visit.

Orders can be added to facility preference lists by members of your project team and you can also maintain your own personal preference list to include orders you have pre-related information prior to a patient's arrival at the hospital.

CPOE enables order entry either point-of-care or off site, decreases delay in order completion, provides duplicate order and incorrect dosage or test error-care, simplifies posting of charges and inventory management, and minimizes errors associated with handwriting or transcription.

Activity that presents a guided registration workflow in which you proceed through forms in a pre-determined way to register a patient. It provides additional features for cardiology procedural workflows.

EpicPay delivers simple, smart solutions, including award-winning integrations and best-in-class support, to streamline business operations and empower payments in your community. time, date, disease, etc. By clicking open account, you confirm that you have read and agree with our customer agreement.

Merchants enjoy full transparency on the backend, and you’ll find smiling, happy customers on the frontend. We have been doing business with Epic Pay for 10+ years and have received amazing customer service every time. Offers tools and information tailored for the needs of ophthalmology subspecialists, including forms for glaucoma, oculoplastics, neuro-ophthalmology, and pediatric ophthalmology.

Epic application designed to support the workflows and routines familiar to most health care professionals in inpatient pharmacy settings. The tab contains every medication record in the system. Within Epic, any order that is not a medication is classified as a procedure. If a provider enters the order him/herself, he/she is the ordering provider. These categories can be defined differently at each health organization.

It also provides efficient workflows for scheduling, pre-operative anesthesia, documentation, and follow-up activities. The provider who decides to place an order. The goal is to make sure that patient are receiving the correct medication at the correct time by electronically validating and documenting medications. These lists will contain the orders that an individual provider places most commonly with their preferred defaults set. OpTime Epic's operating room management application.

When you send a message to a pool, all recipients share a single message, so the action taken by one is seen by all. An activity from which a clinician can search for patient educational materials concerning clinical topics and provide those materials to patients. If an unpaid balance remains after all of the listed payors have been sent a claim, this action transfers the remaining balance to the guarantor. Orders that require cosigns are orders that are placed for a patient but require additional sign off from an authorized provider.

It’s not only an Epic way to run a business, it’s an Epic way to be. For example, In Progress, Fulfilled, Canceled, Out to Provider. A text template for charting that can include text, SmartPhrases, SmartLists, and SmartLinks. Documentation notes, records of medication administrations, etc.

Above all, we are transparent and purpose driven. Review and authorize an order, note, etc. SmartTools include SmartLinks, SmartLists, SmartPhrases, and SmartTexts. In a library of 187 million files, you'll always find what you need. The act of registering a patient prior to their admission. Record that contains information about the party ultimately responsible for a given set of professional charges. The information comes from a third party data vendor. * Explore fun and sometimes strange new worlds * * Adventure online with friends * * Cast amazing, cinematic spells that come to life * * Adopt fun and frequently silly pets * OpTime Operating Room Management helps improve surgeon productivity, OR utilization, and data access in both inpatient and ambulatory surgical environments. It is a centralized place to handle all chargeable events.

Pre-configured text that can be used to standardize documentation, such as notes, within the system.

This application tracks obstetric patient visits. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our special customer support at 1-718-880-3488 or email us at epic@wfs.aero Radiant  combines tools for rules-based scheduling, documentation, results communication, film tracking, and detailed statistical reporting in a unified application for radiology. Willow Ambulatory Application is designed to support the workflows and routines familiar to pharmacists and technicians in integrated outpatient pharmacy settings. Ingo Money reserves the right to recover funds from bad checks if you knew the check was bad when you submitted it, if you attempt to cash or deposit it elsewhere after funding or if you otherwise act illegally or fraudulently.

A specialty department that provides outpatient type care to patients who may or may not be admitted to the hospital. To ignore any rules or resource schedules when scheduling an appointment in Cadence; schedulers must have the correct security to do this. Stork Obstetrics Information System supports efficient workflows during prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal care. The process of gathering important admission. Registration status has the same functional concept as "verification status.". A series of sections meant to follow a particular workflow, such as an office visit or medication reconciliation.

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