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Machine washing and drying may cause damage. Ratings are based on 13,000+ fiberbed owner reviews gathered from review sections on various retailer web sites.

The pocket depth is 18″, making it suitable for most mattresses sold today, and the elastic edges are exceptionally durable. . The following table compares fiberbeds / down alternative toppers that have 85% or higher owner satisfaction based on 600+ consumer experiences. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); THE GOOD: Fiberbeds (also known as down alternative toppers or pads) are generally affordable as well as effective at softening a mattress and lessening pressure points.

Fiber toppers are among the least expensive topper options sold today.

Most fiberbeds are advertised as machine washable, but this cleaning method can lead to early deterioration; dry cleaning is generally recommended. It is a soft, fluffy accessory that your bed needs, and designed to provide you with a Dreamy Night of sleep. Some toppers fit beneath top sheets, while others lie freely on the comfort layer of the mattress. $159.99 - $299.99. Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper sale $83.24 - $146.24. They also tend to cost much less, despite comparable lifespans. When the bed is made, the topper may cause it to appear somewhat uneven and lumpy.

The topper is housed within a breathable, quilted polyester cover that ensures good fill distribution and excellent shape retention; durable double-stitching also prevents fill from escaping over time.

Fiberbeds may produce rustling sounds, which can be an issue for people who awaken easily. It is available in seven sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King, as well as the hard-to-find Olympic Queen size. It is overfilled to create a plush, pillow-top surface that cradles the sleeper’s body and allows them to sink a bit without sagging into the topper.

While most fiber toppers sleep relatively cool, the Leisure Town Overfilled Mattress Topper is a standout for temperature neutrality. Reported issues related to odor are also less than any other mattress topper. The term ‘topper’ refers to an individual cushioning layer that can be added to a mattress for extra comfort, softness, and — in some cases — improved support. $89.90 $ 89. Below you’ll find our picks for the best fiber toppers sold today.

Fiberbeds usually have fewer complaints on this issue than any other topper type. With an average weight of five to 10 pounds, fiberbeds are much easier to move and maneuver than other topper types.

Other topper types — such as wool, memory foam, and latex — are virtually silent. 90 The Overfilled Plush Mattress Topper has an above-average price-point compared to other fiber toppers, making it a good pick for shoppers with bigger budgets. 3-Inch Extra Thick Mattress Topper with 100% Cotton Cover, King Size, New & Improved Down Alternative Bed Topper Pillowtop for Optimum Cushioning & Support, Breathable, Extra Thick Hypoallergenic Mattress Topper.

It is also rated high for pain relief especially in reducing pressure-point discomfort. Most fiberbeds sold today measure two inches thick or less, making them relatively thin. Thicker models are available, but the price-points tend to be higher. And they may not stay secure or keep from sliding.

About 5% of owners report that their topper acts as a heat trap. Our Editor’s Pick is the Down Alternative Mattress Topper from Parachute, which exemplifies the softness, comfort, and support of the best fiber toppers available.

THE BAD: Fiberbeds may be too thin and lumpy for some.

Fiberbeds are widely available, although thickness options are generally limited to two inches or less.

For back pain relief, they are not as good as latex, memory foam or other firm toppers types. google_ad_height = 250; $184.99 - $324.99.

Our Runner-Up Pick, the Overfilled Plush Mattress Topper from Linens & Hutch, is packed with soft down alternative fill for an exceptionally soft, body-cushioning feel. Some are filled with down alternative fibers made of polyester puffballs that mimic the lightness and softness of authentic down. Fiberbeds tend to offer little resistance to movement, making them better than memory foam and latex in this regard. Fiberbeds will compress / flatten with use, losing some comfort. Lucid Dream Down-Alternative 3-in. Toppers are available to accommodate most standard mattress sizes; the topper is slightly smaller than the mattress, allowing it to fit more easily beneath the sheet. Despite their minimal conforming abilities, fiberbeds are soft enough to alleviate pain and pressure for most sleepers. Fiberbeds provide little to no conforming, and may not be suitable for sleepers that enjoy the contoured feel of latex or memory foam. While a fiberbed can soften a mattress considerably, it performs below that of memory foam and latex in providing a cradling, cloud-like sensation.

High owner satisfaction combined with a relatively low price results in most owners giving high marks for value. Lavender Mattress Topper sale $99 ... Lucid Dream Collection 2-in. Our mattress toppers provide the perfect level of support you need for a better night's sleep. Fiberbeds may not fit properly to the dimensions of the mattress.


Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 11. They are also easy to move on with less resistance to movement. . Toppers are available to accommodate most standard mattress sizes; the topper is slightly smaller than the mattress, allowing it to fit more easily beneath the sheet.

The Naluka Mattress Topper also offers great stability, thanks to hyper-elastic edges that will fit mattresses up to 18″ thick.

No commission • No endorsements • Based on owner experiences • Since 2008 • More.

. Thicker models may present more difficulty. . 4.5 out of 5 stars 900.

Fiber toppers are known for their softness, but the Naluka Mattress Topper is plush and light even by down alternative standards. Fiberbeds are second only to convoluted polyfoam toppers in terms of low average price-point among all topper types. Best Fiber Mattress Toppers – Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide.


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