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This flavorful pork stew is made with cubed pork shoulder, dark beer, caraway seed, and Brussels sprouts. Divine! I have tried this and it's awesome. Both are delicious, it's a matter of what your taste is....I now have two ways to this. Rack of Lamb with Blueberry Beurre Rouge – Small, ... Back from the Desert,Thirsty for Food Wishes. Black 'beluga' lentils cook up for a tender, melt-in-you-mouth soup in Chef John's recipe for black lentil soup. Enjoy! highly recommended. Everything goes with beer ;). Another hit for a Chef John recipe! As you will probably notice, I had to substitute frozen vegetables for soup in this dish today as I didn't have any carrots. She added sautéed mushrooms to the mix and it was probably the best stew we ever made!! It is probably my favorite meat ever. Pour stock into onion mixture; bring to a boil, add rosemary, and stir until mixture thickens, 5 to 10 minutes. Made this stew last night and it is superb! a very good cook to have some and tell me what she thought. Thanks! Merguez Sausage. I really prefer the chuck here. Uou recipes are and delicious!!! I thought it was really good, but wanted a friend of mine, who is rosemary w/thyme)?If I deglazed with a dry red wine instead of Guinness, wouldn't that basically be making beef bourgignon? Simmer, covered, until potatoes are tender and meat is falling off the bone, about 30 minutes. Another great thing about this recipe is that you can make it early leave simmering for awhile if you're not sure what time you're going to eat. Info. It is probably my favorite meat ever. Serve over mashed potatoes. Thank you Chef John! Would it be a simple matter of substitution and adjusting the herbal component (i.e. When you use chicken stock do you use the kind with no salt added? Sorry I have no idea what you are taking about. Wish me luck. This recipe is perfection! I am very glad to come across such a nice information. I love your work...thanks! Chef John is Taking a (Real) Spring Break! This cold summer vegetable soup is best with fresh, sweet tomatoes. What do you think? As you will probably notice, I had to substitute frozen vegetables for soup in this dish today as I didn't have any carrots. Or would it get lost with the bacon and beef flavours milling about? a very good cook to have some and tell me what she thought. This recipe is perfection! Cauliflower Soup with Blue Cheese Fritters, Ham and Split Pea Soup Recipe - A Great Soup, Chef John's Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. beef chuck, cut in 2-inch pieces (tossed with There is nothing quite like the deep flavor and rich, golden color of homemade chicken stock. This recipe is perfection! )Thanks Chef John :-), This was the first time I made Chef John's Irish Stew. Chef! I will surely be making this again ! hi Chef John,I would like to make this recipe for 30 people, would you be able to assist in giving me an amended recipe for that?Your assistance is really appreciated. I love food and recipes all the time. I want all the beef flavor to come from the beef itself. This was incredible! I'm your big fan!!!. Sincerely, philipmarie. Thanks, Chef John. I was wondering, what can i substitute tomato paste with? "Only try this recipe if you're going to use some killer super-sweet summer tomatoes. I have to play with my food. This Thai-inspired soup is full of chunks of tender chicken and mushrooms, and is rich and spicy with the addition of coconut milk, red curry paste, ginger, and garlic. Green onion mashed potatoes are know as "champ" in Northern Ireland. It takes a while for the meat to braise and fall off the bone, but it's a wait rewarded with tender, succulent chucks of lamb. I served this over the potatoes as suggested, along with your rocket beans on the side and your creme caramel for dessert. The stew turned out beautifully and tasted even better the next day. Hi Chef John...just curious, can you tell me why you chose to brown the meats and onion in a separate pan? This stew is now part of the repertoire. Oh well, like I said, Fantastic recipe! I used sweet potatoes instead of Dutch yellow. Chef John's hearty vegetarian chili is seasoned with ancho chili powder, jalapenos, and cocoa powder. Eringobrah hah. drinking joke, but I’m not doing one this year. Only problem with this dish was I drank too much of the beer...had to go out for another can.Other than that...excellent. Intend to cook for young kids...Thanks so much. She said it was excellent and will be making it herself. )Thanks Chef John :-), Another hit for a Chef John recipe! Tried to post a comment, but for some reason I have trouble getting stuff to post here. Can't thank you enough. But I need help with the ingredients meaning portions and so on. I will definitely be making this again!" By Chef John; WATCH. This would normally be the point in post where I’d make my annual Irish I do, however, buy leg, breast, racks (OMG yummm) and ground. probably for the best. )Thanks Chef John :-), This was the first time I made Chef John's Irish Stew. Your way is very delicious. Said your stew tasted as good as the Guinness stew at the Guinness Warehouse in Dublin. Finally tried this tonight. There just isn't any substitute, so happy hunting." We enjoyed it very much. I was wondering, what can I substitute tomato paste with? Thanks Chef John! That said, I used garlic powder instead of garlic, turkey bacon instead of bacon (and less fat ones too! not this time. Working in batches, cook lamb shoulder chops until browned on both sides, 3 to 5 minutes per side. Have you ever had Northern Ireland Soda bread (soda farls)? Should I have browned my beef a little more? As I've never tasted this, I was wondering if mushrooms would make a good addition or might clash with the beer? I have such confidence in your recipes chef, that I bought my chuck last night & invited my mother in law to dinner. Hi Chef John thank you for this recipe. Can we cook the potatos with the stew or would it thicken the sauce to much? Hi chef this recipe sounds great and I'd like to make it for my fire station. "Delicious and easy. Everything of yours has always turned out perfect for me. Thanks Chef John. I have never before attempted cooking lamb but when I ran across this recipe I had to try it. Delicious! I made it again with a half bottle of lager instead of the Guiness and it was the best stew I've ever eaten, The chuck shoulder was the perfect cut and hte beef's flavor was outstanding.

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