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The fee for the exam is $226. Filling it out takes just 2 minutes, and it’s free. Do you want to confirm the status of the license of a contractor? Note that the state refers to these licensed plumbers who will do the supervisory work over apprentices as ‘sponsors’.

Follow us for expert guidance on how you can find and better manage new leads. This roofing test comes in a few different forms depending on the types of the buildings you intend to service. In the state of Illinois under the Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act, all contractors offering roof construction services must obtain a license from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) before engaging in any work. #OvercomingObstaclesScholarship: Let’s Put Mental Health on the Agenda and Change the Narrative on Social Media Together! They  provide great resources for those looking to obtain their Illinois Roofing License and contractors researching what permits they need. You can find the application to obtain a general contractor license on the website of City of Chicago. (1) To obtain a license, an applicant must indicate if the license is sought for a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, business trust, or other legal entity and whether the application is for a limited or unlimited roofing license. Application for license. No more expensive books. There are six examination dates throughout the year and the tests are administered in person in Hillside, Illinois and Springfield, Illinois. In fact, it does not even require general and electrical contractors to be licensed in the city. All rights reserved. This is one of the state’s most problematic policies regarding construction-related licensing. The city also requires plumbing contractors who got their license from the state to get themselves registered in the city of Aurora. It’s unfortunately a time-consuming, and even costly, process that needs a lot of improvement. For the best experience and to ensure full functionality of this site, please enable JavaScript in your browser. This is because in the state of Illinois, only those under the roofing and plumbing trades may be granted licenses by the state. Our specialists are currently reviewing your case and will get back to you shortly. While not technically a city, the village of Hinsdale deserves to be included in the list. Do you have an interest in bidding on projects handled by the state’s Department of Transportation? As we mentioned earlier, insurance is mandatory if you’re planning to obtain your license in Illinois. This village is quite strict when it comes to hiring contractors for public property projects, and rightfully so, given the average cost of contracts. You need to meet the following requirements to obtain your license: You need to take note that any Roofing Contractor license will expire every other year and you should renew yours before June 30th of those years.

. One way to connect with other local pros is through a trade organization. Next, you’ll need to take the Illinois roofing exam. Our next class is October 12-14. Limited (Residential) Roofing Contractor License – applies to contractors who are restricted to working on residential property projects, but with a maximum of 8 units. The limited license comes in three different forms: Residential, Commercial/Industrial, and Unlimited. If you are a roofing contractor, you can choose from three license classifications available for this trade: Applying for contractor licenses in the state of Illinois is a straightforward process. In order to access your renewal form you must enter Your License Number AND either of the following: a) Your PIN Number OR b) Your Social Security Number AND Your Date of Birth (This option available only to individuals - not businesses) * Indicates Required Field . Cities and counties in Illinois have different requirements for licenses issued at the municipal level, unlike those that are issued at the state-level. Once accepted, you’re now licensed to work in the state of Illinois! We’ve conducted years of research to create the best way to provide you with the knowledge and fundamentals to not only obtain your state license, but to translate it into a meaningful and profitable enterprise. Should you get yourself licensed? Before you can work as a general contractor in the village, you need to confirm the requirements with their Building Permit and Construction Department.

Unlimited gives the roofing contractor the option to work on residential, commercial and industrial roofs right away. Fill out the application form found here: Provide a surety bond worth $20,000, with the beneficiary being the state’s Department of Health. You are almost done – fill out this last step. Contractor licenses issued at the municipal level, on the other hand, most often do not have this option. Make sure to follow this guide if you are applying for the state-issued plumbing and roofing licenses. But this applies only if the cities are both located in the state of Illinois. Roofing licenses, on the other hand, the lookup tool is located at CraftJack can connect you to homeowners and help you grow your customer network. Licenses issued by the city of Chicago expire annually and are renewable. Are you planning to work as a contractor in Illinois? Which one you take depends on what license you are getting. For out-of-state corporations, Certificates of Authority must be acquired before bidding on any project within the state.

You also need to identify your sponsor in your application form, so make sure to find one before you apply. These packages are worth looking into because, after all, there’s a lot that could go wrong in the roofing industry. In the end, you’ll likely end up losing more money, despite your assumption that you should hire an unlicensed contractor to cut costs on your project. Acquiring these licenses, like in any other state, will need you to prove your skills, experience, and knowledge about the trade. in Hillside, Illinois and Springfield, Illinois. In order to obtain said license each contractor must undergo a rigorous examination designed to reflect current standards and practices utilized by the roofing industry. If you are a contractor that falls under the following classifications, you need to be licensed in the city and provide permit bonds as well: License reciprocity applies for electrical and mechanical contractors, but this is a case-to-case basis. However, the process for obtaining a license and the right permits for a project can be confusing. Hinsdale, however, requires general contractors to be registered only. They must be employed by a contractor to do so. If you are issued a roofing contractor license, you are permitted to work not just on roofing systems per se, such as in terms of their construction and reconstruction, modification, repair, maintenance, and alteration, but also do waterproofing work on them. But regardless of where you live in the United States, a license can be. Sure, you might get lucky and get an unlicensed contractor who did an amazing work on his or her projects for a fraction of the price as that of a licensed contractor.

Make sure to provide surety bonds that have terms of just a year and have the village as its Obligee. Not only does an understanding of local roofing permits benefit your work, but it will also. On the other hand, Rockford requires demolition contractors and those working on the mechanical trade to get themselves licensed. Laws and local codes vary, so be familiar with what your area requires. The Illinois Roofing Test is hard! You can also go directly to their office at 525 West Jefferson Street, Springfield, Illinois 62761. Laws and licensing requirements vary state to state, which can make it tough for roofers to navigate what they actually need for their business. You can choose from three types of plumbing licenses in Illinois. 111, par. Our course is filled with practical business advice, insurance information, Illinois and federal laws you need to know, as well as the opportunity to network with some of the busiest contractors in the business. However, if you have employees, workers compensation and unemployment insurance are also a requirement.

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