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Great to hear from you, Diane! F Blues - Eddie Daniels Solo (32.5 KiB, 1,479 hits)You do not have permission to download this file. OK, so I admit that I was disappointed by the number of hits on the first post on Clarinet Pedagogy that came out a few weeks ago, (found here.) This became a piece for clarinet and jazz combo, and now I’ve transcribed my own piece for clarinet choir by using the voicings in the piano part, and the original bass part, for the clarinet parts. Note how he emphasizes the major seventh on the dim7 chords in bars 53-58. Besides a minimum use of ghost-notes, there is a very little use of certain kind of dissonances indeed (altered fifth or ninth, etc.) He plays with Earl Hines on this one, coming in at 1:06: 4. This is the beauty of digital publishing! ( Log Out /  Note how he plays the “F” mixolydian scale at the end of the first eight bars which ends up on the flat 9th of the chord in bar n.10 (D7). Lots of “contemporary” clarinet-players tend to avoid this overuse trying to have a wiser use of it. Odd Time Signature Exercises-Digital Download, Essential Minor Harmonic Exercises mini course, 10+ Essential Blues Progressions + 33 SOLOS complete Package. Jimmy Giuffre – Giuffre is the master of soulful yet quiet low register playing.

One of the most appreciated clarinettists in the world performs one of Benny Goodman’s favourites. in big bands). For this one I also transcribed the bass and drums, and wrote the actual chords played by the accompaniment.

So if you are finally ready to delve deeply into the study of the clarinet and it’s role in jazz, then by all means, take some time to digest the material contained in The Improvising Clarinetist. Note how he “sticks” by the diminished arpeggio in bars 17-20.

( Log Out /  Great work!

Pat Metheny Natural Minor harmonised scale+ Guide tone lines+ analysis $4.95 USD. I’m sharing a transcription I did in 2008 or so of Tony Scott’s solo on “I’ll Remember April.” The solo is pretty wild, though in a more controlled manner than on some other recordings by Scott. When I think back to what made me attracted to the music in the first place, it was the feeling of swing. Change ). When I felt challenged, I re-thought the placement of the mouthpiece at the end of my “new” spine. Shine - Eddie Daniels Solo (66.7 KiB, 1,324 hits)You do not have permission to download this file. Listen to this! Note how he begins and ends the solo using the pentatonic scale on the main key.

Again extremely stuck on the diminished arpeggio in bars 50-52. Sidney Bechet also takes some killer blues choruses starting at 2:31 (Nicholas joins him again at 03:07!)! I strive as much as humanly possible to  offer leading edge products that go further than meeting your expectations. I believe that Miller’s presence on piano is what made Eddie play some of the most modernistic stuff he’s ever recorded.

Thanks Mike! DON'T BOOKMARK THIS PAGE: we are moving the site and there is a more recent version of this page. I’m taking all this to the bank! This is one of the main issues encountered on clarinet solos on up-tempos or in situations where the instrument is somehow “weakened” or out-powered the other players (e.g. I sounded good. Check out the above-posted solo by Eddie Daniels, on the chord changes to “After You’ve Gone.” The other Daniels transcription I posted before is over the same chord changes.

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