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All Rights Reserved. My aim was to keep cows or heifers from April to the end of September, weather-permitting, and hopefully keep most of the farm payment at the end of the year. A frightened bovine, regardless of sex, is a dangerous animal. Any animal that lives in a flock or herd can become lonely, depressed, frightened or agitated if separated from its usual herd mates. Show cattle usually have no fear of their handlers and have a very small or non-existent personal space with them; yet maternal hormones may cause a sudden change in the way those handlers are perceived and it is wise to expect that a considerably larger personal space will be needed around calving time. Proper clothing and protective wear are essential; particularly steel toed shoes. The Highland is an excellent browser, able to clear a brush lot with speed and efficiency. The American Highland Cattle Association registry was first formed in 1948. A study by the Scottish Agricultural College determined that Highland beef is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein and iron than other beef breeds. I also know that I have cattle that will thrive over the summer in poor quality grazing and hold their own over the winter without the high cost of feed bills. Another anecdotal story concerned a handler being trapped by a large horned bull (Highland, so I am told) against a solid wall; Avoid startling an animal by making it aware of your approach before getting too close. A cattle keeper is a person who is responsible for cattle, bison or buffalo on a permanent or temporary basis.

While cattle can see 340 degrees around them, and have wide peripheral vision, they have poor depth perception. In a recent study at Mayberries Research Station, Canada, groups of Hereford, Highland, and Highland Herefords crosses were tested. Due to the hybrid vigor, research has found the gains in crossbreeding cattle are proportional to the genetic diversity of the animals crossed. According to one breeder, Highlands feed intake does not increase until -18 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 32 degrees Fahrenheit in many other breeds.

Today Highland cattle may be red, black, yellow, white, brindle, silver, or dun color. Eliminate shadows in working areas as much as possible. Hanging weight percentages of 60-65% are not uncommon, with ample marbling and no wasted back fat. Independent testing laboratories have determined that grass-fed Highland beef is actually lower in cholesterol than chicken. Their meat is lean, but well marbled, normally rated as premium beef. The Highland breed contributed in a great way to the success of the American cattle industry. Highland cross heifers make ideal commercial brood cows.

Highlands shed out earlier in the spring and produce less hair in warm climates making them suitable throughout the U.S. Highlands have a long, close history of living with humans. Highland cross calves will have increased vigor and hardiness, as well as natural disease resistance, forage ability and high efficiency. Highland cross calves will have the longer eyelashes and forelock like the Highlands. He died in the hospital less than 1 hour later. Dexters are probably the one breed that I came closest to buying because of their light size and ability to out-winter, without doing too much damage to the land. Highlands have long eyelashes and forelocks, which help shield their eyes from flying insects, and as a result, pinkeye and cancer eye may be less common. Need less expensive infrastructure.

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