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To defeat the hunter in black, try parrying her when you can, her attacks are very well telegraphed as she uses the Ludwig’s Holy Blade. He’ll continue to use the move he used at the beginning from time to time, so abuse it like you did at the beginning. Once you enter the room, look to your right (watch out for two mummy-wrapped enemies with flaming weapons!). He went down like it was all just a bad joke. Old Hunter Queen Killer – At Layer 2, Before the boss door. He doesnt do a lot of damage, but he does aggro enemies well and survives long until the 2nd or 3rd dark phase. Watch out for the scrawny dudes that pretend to be dead/sleeping. Ebrietas - Old Hunter Damian of Mensis - Summon sign is right before the fog gate. I know I can summon valtr but can I summon a second npc to help be a second tank? She’ll drop 10 Quicksilver Bullets once she is dead. Laurence, the First Vicar: Valtr – Inside the doors of the chapel, just at the bottom of the stairs which leads up to the boss battle. The way leads to the boss area is annoying af.

If you answer yes to his question, he'll give you the Holy Moonlight Blade. Kill the slugs first, or they may bite Damian and make him lose A LOT of health from frenzy damage. Laurence, the First Vicar. Speak to him and he will give you the Holy Moonlight Blade. Afterwards, he’ll be a bit cautious and back off from you and try to attack you most likely. Old Hunter Yamamura - By a carriage near the fog gate. Walk off the little ledge, and it’ll be on that plateu with you, nestled between two trees. You can try upgrading other weapons i have all of the weapons and i'am still having a problem with him and i have finished the game twice, there is a video on you tube of the fight, but all in all he is just a pain in the ass. First, light the lamp in front of you and talk to Simon, who can be located to the right to lamp. Besides limiting single player users or the future players when the servers eventually go down. Just for for some quick background I'm on NG+ and level 130 using a … Then, walk onto the elevator once more, but this time don't go up with the elevator. It’ll take around 12-15 shots, due to how hard it is to hit his head, but if you do it you’ll get a free riposte along with the damage from the gun. You will trigger a cutscene and be sent up to the next floor, to the Research Hall. Bloodborne - Laurence the First Vicar, Milkweed rune, Church Cannon, Beast’s Embrace ... You'll immediately spot the summon sign on the ground, … Also, summoning signs are sometimes red, sometimes blue - you can have one of each color assist you simultaneously. Now that Laurence is dead, we can continue onwards in the Research Hall. Go back up and defeat the hunter in white who uses a Threaded Cane as a weapon.

Requirements Must have killed him in the DLC by this point in the game for his summon sign to appear AND have the Impurity rune equipped AND must not have killed Valtr.

The first thing that should be said is never, ever attack after his crawling claw attack where he crawls towards you. Blocks you from summoning Beastclaw Josef. There don't appear to be any summoning signs in the Nightmare of Mensis, the Nightmare Frontier, or in the Cainhurst Castle area. Added to credits.

Ludwig: Next three spoiler lines are possible summons for the Ludwig battle. In the DLC research hall, you can summon Old Hunter Yamamura to fight the Living Failures if you killed him in his cell (he'll he mumbling and banging his head against a wall).

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