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102 2242 vehicles, with other vehicles, &c., standing on adjacent lines 2 19 3. The old court-house in which Abraham Lincoln often practised is still standing. high, standing north from the Zeil, the Christuskirche (1883) and the Lutherkirche (1889-1893).

The equipment of the standing army is thoroughly modern, the infantry being provided with Mauser rifles and the artillery with Krupp batteries. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, How to Make the Best Use of Standing Desks: ENSURE THAT THE STANDING DESKS IN YOUR FACILITY HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT FOR OCCUPANTS, Protest against shifting of bus stand held, stand there with her bare face hanging out, stand there with his bare face hanging out, stand there with my bare face hanging out, stand there with one's bare face hanging out, stand there with one’s bare face hanging out, stand there with our bare faces hanging out, stand there with their bare face hanging out, stand there with their bare faces hanging out, stand there with your bare face hanging out, Stand Together Against Narcotics and other Illegal Drugs. In fact, standing in her apartment, she had the surreal sense that life hadn't changed, as if she could open the door and go to work like any other day. City of the Peaceful Waves), a great city of China, the principal emporium of trade in the province of Chehkiang, standing in a fine plain bounded by mountains towards the west, on the left bank of the Ning-po river, about 16 M. At Alexandria in 1 755 General Edward Braddock organized his fatal expedition against Fort Duquesne, and here, in April of the same year, the governors of Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland met (in a house still standing) to determine upon concerted action against the French in America. Only if there are more candidates standing for election than there are seats on the council will an election be held. b. 64. Suddenly the room was flooded with light and Dean shaded his eyes as turned to see him standing there. He was standing a few feet from her, outside the kitchen. The standing army is only an arm of the standing government.

The smallest statue was Rhyn as a child of five or six, standing on Antarctica. To maintain an upright or vertical position on a base or support: The urn stands on a pedestal. Of course not, but my job isn't what's standing between us now. Pisano's building sheds, nine in a row, with peculiarly shaped roofs, were still standing intact - one of the most interesting medieval monuments of Venice - until recently, but they have been modified past recognition. Standing, sometimes referred to as standing to sue, is the name of the federal law doctrine that focuses on whether a prospective plaintiff can show that some personal legal interest has been invaded by the defendant. Monticello, Jefferson's home, is still standing about 2 m. The churches are numerous and some are particularly handsome; such as the First church, which overlooks the harbour, and is so named from its standing on the site of the church of the original settlers; St Paul's, Knox church and the Roman Catholic cathedral of St Joseph.
Even if you're giving up reach in order to infight, Henry VII deserves a large share of credit in the establishment of a, The Royal Navy is currently deployed in many areas of the world, including a number of, The navy also posts personnel in small units around the world to support ongoing operations and maintain, Apart from permanent garrisons at Berwick, Calais, and Carlisle, England's, As he waited for Pamela to return, Richard was, These include two operas by Giuseppe Verdi, Otello and Falstaff, whose critical, In the high society of jaildom his official, Rowdy had been heard, more than once lately, to anathematize viciously the prairie-dogs for.

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