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Under his feet was the velvet grass, the trees arched overhead, and he stood in mottled sunshine. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 3. Look at these vegetables - they're all, 7. At this stage, Bark's new mirror looked mottled.

15.many types of lobster, the south china sea are common lobster, lobster dense hair, Mottled lobster and lobster, and so beautiful. 75+1 sentence examples: 1. When the ship’s captain looked for a crew, he found a motley gang of people with no sailing experience. Hitler’s face took on a mottled appearance. Days later, Glenn’s bruised eyed is still mottled with black and blue colors.

Of the vegetable oils, in addition to cotton-seed and coco-nut, olive oil is the basis of soaps for calico printers and silk dyers; castor oil yields transparent soaps (under suitable treatment), whilst crude palm oil, with bone fat, is employed for making brown soap, and after bleaching it yields ordinary pale or mottled.

20.semidouble light blue and white Mottled ruffled pansy/ variable yellow. Tetracyclines should normally not be used in children under the age of eight because some tetracyclines can be absorbed into the bones and teeth and give the teeth a mottled appearance. : He was wearing a mottled camouflage combat jacket over traditional Arab dress. Under his feet was the velvet grass, the trees arched overhead, and he stood in mottled sunshine. 7.the soft, pine-filtered light caught her Mottled russet coat.

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The man’s skin was pallid and mottled. Jalapa, a dense, round bush covered with flowers, nearly 3 feet high, the flowers about 1 inch across, white, rose, lilac, yellow, crimson and purple-striped, mottled, and selfs. The ninth grade, for civilians a long-tailed jay, for the military a rhinoceros with a buffalo-horn clasp. This property is usually obtained by mixing soft and hard soaps, or, more rarely, by adding gum tragacanth to a hard soap.


Mottled definition is - marked with spots of different colors : having blotches of two or more colors. might have been black, but a floating sheen Mottled the blackness, a crawling gray like oil on dark water. 34.under the Mottled shade of the moon how long time. The only other moths recorded this month were Winter Moths and a single Mottled Umber at illuminated windows or security lights. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow.

The mottled wise old eyes saw deeply, saw. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. The small development of Upper Carboniferous strata, visible on the shore south of Corrie and in Ben Lister Glen, consists of sandstones, red and mottled clays and purple shales, which yield plantremains of Upper Carboniferous facies. francesca thinks, wandering around passing every Mottled shadow like a lost ghost.

The last of the camellias are fading, three in a row: a candy pink smaller flower, a large mid-crimson and a large deeper red with a kind of mottled pattern. The Dartmoor, a hardy local Devonshire breed, is a large hornless, longwool, white-fleeced sheep, with a long mottled face. The young when first hatched are clothed with mottled down, so as closely to resemble a stone, and to be overlooked as they squat motionless on the approach of danger.

Immature similar, but with whole upperparts, 8. The cheaper mottled and brown soaps have for their basis bone fat, obtained by treating bones with superheated steam or other methods. : Albatross, cape pigeons, diving petrels, monymawks, mottled petrels, and sooty shearwaters all took their turns skimming our bow wave for fish.

9.walking close the house, we found it turned out to be a ruined temple with Mottled walls. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

His red, mottl

The young, as in all Limicolae, are at first clothed in down, so mottled in colour as closely to resemble the shingle to which, if they be not hatched upon it, they are almost immediately taken by their parents, and there, on the slightest alarm, they, squat close to elude observation.

Mum was slumped in a chair, glass-eyed, her face, 30. mottled definition: 1. covered with areas of different colours that do not form a regular pattern: 2. covered with….

Susan used an engraving from an 18th Century geological book, showing different varieties of moss agate, against a mottled background. 27. mottled in a sentence - Use "mottled" in a sentence 1. : He was wearing a mottled camouflage combat jacket over traditional Arab dress.

At least 45 percent of subjects had improvements in mottled pigmentation. 10. standard.

The sides of the pool, too, were mottled. If you like, you can add other colors to give it a mottled effect.

Others stroll along the seafront On living stones the, 27. They have stout bodies, solid bills and soft, fluffy plumage.

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