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Blamage was different and more a concept fragrance to try something really crazy. Revisiting this now and am smelling chicory which is similar. background-color:#000000 !important; It gives Black Afgano its truly hypnotic edge, it makes it oily and pliable, pulsing and warm. padding:0px !important; I can’t understand what note in the fragrance could potentially come up against an IFRA/EU restriction to warrant reformulation, so it has to be some sort of internal decision for unrelated reasons. Yeah, the Montale medicinal note is such a powerful signature and it’s definitely not present in Black Afgano in quite the same way. . A scent for the daring, this Nasomatto perfume aims to capture the qualities of hashish, along with the mystery and intrigue that the herb carries. For orders of €50 and under the following delivery charges apply. My involvement is to create something that is alive that will be able to say new things.

During my internship we were out of stock for Black Afgano, only a tester was available in store. Thanks for the tip and heads-up on Carner Barcelona. Thank you for adding to the details on Kephalis. There were some comments on Basenotes that it seems to have been reformulated/weakened… my bottle is a few years old and is quite potent. The cannabis note is the essential element to a structure which otherwise would have been perhaps too dry, smoky and sharp. This dark, resinous, oriental-wooden boost, which kept poking through my nasal cavities into my thinking organ, seduced me in such a way, as no "drug" before. Since it seems to have been weakened or reformulated from its original beastliness, its mellowness was a definite surprise.

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The medicinal nature of the oud, and the manner with which it combines with the amber, incense, and slightly honeyed undertones of the labdanum, feel very close as well. Is Black Afgano the perfume equivalent of a Porsche’s penis extension symbolism for guys who thinks it makes them seem super cool, macho, and virile? The whole thing is very much like the middle and drydown stages to M7 that I’d hoped to experience in full potency, but which my wonky skin turned instead to a thin, sheer gauze. China White is not nearly as floral as these other two, but I would consider it a floral. The fragrance’s description (“smuggled” ingredients, harsh herbs, marijuana-as-incense) conjures wild thoughts yet Black Afgano’s dark brown juice is syrupy and the fragrance opens with strong aromas of oud and musk. Black Afgano does both in one magnificent stroke, or better said, spray.

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