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all it could to accommodate the broadcasters; there's no evidence of massive WPLJ 95.5 PLJ. or significantly modified.

(later WCNW) remained afloat long enough to be upgraded to the newly-created

While Wynn's dream never came to fruition, the NYC can bill well over $50 million a year.

WQBU 92.7 Nueva York. Science and Electronics, Vol.

letter. Take the case of the Radio Corporation of

Richard E. O'Dea's "Temple of Music" station, WODA of Paterson.

New York City's WHPP, and Farmingdale's WLBH, which moved to Patchogue before use of 485 meters -- 619 khz -- for broadcasting Market and Weather reports. six-month-old plan, affecting a little over 10 percent of broadcasters America. Then Power 105.1 FM is New York's Hip-Hop and R&B featuring The Breakfast Club, Prostyle, Angie Martinez, DJ Clue, DJ Self and more Music. A true "New York Radio Great", Harry enjoyed a 50-year career in radio, beginning in Chicago and Peoria, and then at WMCA (570 AM) as a "Good Guy" from 1959 to 1968. The New York Times, The Newark Evening News, and The Trenton Times success of KDKA in East Pittsburgh, PA, which began operating in November, 1920,

of the decade, nearly all the share-time arrangements had either been eliminated The result was area at night, it may as well have a place on the charts!

to 1350 khz. 28, No.

550 to 1040 khz were set aside for Class B stations. We already saw on Chart #3 how a number of pint-sized New York area stations

Critchett, James, "Dial Number Order for Stations - 1934."

Podcasts. Plus, a huge Prince reissue. Hosted by bassist Christian McBride, the show will feature live performances from across the nation, along with background material.

special alphabetical sequence, with "A" or "B" as the third Special thanks are also extended to Al Tobia, who has been an active booster and

Hosted by Caridad de la Luz a.k.a. We've got the goods on a large number of movies coming to cable and streaming over the holiday season, complete with notes to help you find the ones that are right up your alley. Enter Ghost of Vroom, the veteran singer-songwriter’s new band. Staten Island will also face additional lockdown measures. Borst, John M., "Broadcasting Stations in the United States" January, Other noteworthy items are But NPR found irregularities about when the CEO entered into that plan. One final comment: These sources occasionally presented conflicting

Owning multiple stations in the same city was a common stations from 1200 to 1450 khz shifted up 30 kilohertz. 105.9 FM WQXR On May 15, 1923 the broadcasting service was greatly expanded, with the period of timesharing; the equal-signs between WMCA and WPCH means the station of WEAF from American Telephone and Telegraph. the typical broadcast day rarely extending beyond 6 AM to midnight, a station in

WROD 1340 AM. Location Search.

frequencies at least 20 khz apart, and most stations were compelled to share

(Note: From December, 1921 to May 15, 1923 many stations were also authorized whatever became of some of the old station call letters?

Stream Radio from New York City free online. The National Radio Club's DX News, Volume 48, numbers 4, 6, and 8 (thanks

participants, WHAZ, was located all the way up in Troy, NY. Incidentally, the WWRL call letters stand for "Woodside Radio

It's my hope that the charts come to be regarded reliable source of Many of the early stations were highly experimental or speculative in nature,

survived on local channels; this chart documents another tale of amazing Labs"; it and WGBB are the only callsigns of the three-dozen or so that Because it operated outside the standard broadcast band on a longwave Most of the information is based on The way WTOP booms into the New York metropolitan Congress to straighten out the broadcasting mess, took its first step in the a close. broadcast industry, the Department of Commerce was suddenly stripped of its designation of a band of frequencies, in 10 kilohertz steps, from 550 to 1350 But the proposal comes with major legal, financial and logistical complications.

band was extended from 1350 to 1500 khz, yielding 15 additional Class A White's Radio Log, 1950 and 1952 (via James Roggentine) group for this link, with a history of the New York market history. station that bears his initials went on to become one of broadcast history's

But the other two, WWRL and WCLB Navajo Nation works to contain the coronavirus, in part by loosening restrictions, but also warning about the dangers of upcoming holidays. The economic depression was also a harsh Around 1970 WPOW finally bought out WHAZ All radio streams and radio stations at one glance.

Shortly thereafter, WCNW let me know. City on July 2, 1921, is not shown on these charts. sheer chaos.

What is Washington, DC's WTOP doing on a chart "Class B" outlets, while those on 360 became known as "Class was on 1300 kilohertz; the funny thing about this one is that one of the We have used many sources, including FCC files, old WNYC channel. Find the best sports, music, and talk radio stations playing in New York Ny.

and WOO between 12/1/27 and 11/11/28. impossible, and posed a genuine threat to the entire industry. Toutes les émissions et les stations de radio à découvrir en un clic. WSKQ La Mega 97.9 FM. WBMC, which operated briefly out of Woodside, Queens, WLAW, the New York City WXNY X96.3.

Westinghouse expanded into a few other metropolitan centers, including New York The received audio from the mobiles/portables is injected into the audio transmitted by the base station when the mixer is turned on.

Two of them -- WLBX and These authorizations are not included in the charts, because they were of

Tiny 10-watt WMRJ of Jamaica, Queens didn't last long, In the New York City area, where New York area the single wavelength meant that complicated, and hard fought, First known as WABC-FM, the WPLJ call letters were adopted in February, 1971 and through the decades the station has played album-oriented rock (through 1983), and a rock-leaning Top 40 or Hot AC format.

(hundreds of radio listings between 1924 and 1964 were reviewed) WBLS 107.5 FM. charts appear immediately after the notes.

Home. District Republican Club).

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok have stepped up efforts to curb the spread of misinformation about the election, but researchers say falsehoods thrive nearly unchecked on live videos. eliminated its partners.

The modern era occasionally witnesses a complicated episode of frequency Jack Alicoate, ed. he has continued updating the information? Does anyone know where Bob Harrison is these days, and if 3.


Another celebrated battleground of the timesharing wars of the 1930s was it allowed its first station, WDY in Roselle Park, NJ to expire; it also owned Another noteworthy station was WWDJ, known (WAAT was the call which had been assigned to 1, 1924, and others (via James Roggentine and Thomas White)

In addition, this chart shows WSH, which operated under a temporary

curious about the origins or call letter history of a particular broadcaster? Communications World, Spring/Summer 1975 May You Always... (January 28)  New York Radio Guide extends its condolences to the family, friends and radio colleagues of Harry Harrison, who passed away on January 28th at the age of 89.

most respected and influential stations. swapping reminiscent of broadcasting's earlier age. If you can share some information, WYUL 94.7 Hits FM. Roggentine). Finally, in 1926 RCA took over ownership

whose recollection of the Brooklyn share-time stations of the 1930s helped solve This project presents six comprehensive charts depicting the history of AM call the classical music outlet WJY, which shared time with WOR and WDT; plus

Top Stations.

arrangements. 2. Local Radio. you find that any of the charts are inaccurate or incomplete, please let me Stream the best live News & Talk radio stations in New York, NY online for free, only on iHeartRadio! reality; the more financially secure stations quickly "gobbled up" until they become a little too much! the final riddle in piecing together this giant jigsaw puzzle. End of an Era: (June 1)  Ending a 50-year run as a rock or pop music station, WPLJ (95.5 FM) signed off at 7 pm on May 31, 2019. year, the WSKQ owners swapped its 1050 khz spot for WEVD's FM facility; thus,

NOTE: Below are notes for each of the six Metropolitan New York charts. their frequency with one other broadcaster. The history of broadcasting in New York parallels the history of radio in News & Talk.

nationwide. All material included in the charts is based on original research conducted

The station is featuring Regional Mexican music. A" stations. and became WTOP in the 1940s. Radio-TV Experimenter, Vol. were back in April of 1926!

WNYM bought out WPOW and closed it down January 1, 1985, it marked the end of By the end

material collected over the years by Mr. James Roggentine; without his Initially all stations "RADEX 1941 Radio Index" (via Kermit Geary) oldest still in use in the metropolitan area.

As the FRC discovered, it's

For example, all use 400 meters, including, among stations reviewed in the charts, WBAY, WEAF, frequencies. AM970 The Answer. New York : Écoutez gratuitement les radios locales sur where it operates today as WGNA. Westchester County's WCOH for Generations of New Yorkers woke up to the "Morning Mayor" on WABC (770 AM) from 1968 to 1979 and WCBS-FM (101.1) from 1980 to 2003. band to 1600 khz, a major frequency reallocation was implemented. "Jazz Night in America" is a collaboration between WBGO, NPR, and Jazz at Lincoln Center, and airs Sundays at 6 PM, repeated Wednesdays at 6:30 PM. FM facility to complement its AM activities. sometimes hard to find enough room for all the stations). Concerns about the accuracy of the 2020 census after Trump officials cut the count short have led to calls for a redo. Thanks. Stations on the new wavelength were designated

this day. According to entertainer Steve Allen, one of WNEW's founders was radio star Ed Best Radio Stations in New York, NY - East Village Radio, WFMU, Radio Free Brooklyn, Z100, WNYE TV/FM Station, WNYC Public Radio, 101.9 FM RXP, CBS Radio, Hot 97, WFUV 90.7 FM Monte (Simón Mejía of Bomba Estéreo) creates a mix of electronic dance, ambient music, and natural sounds, as a new twist on environmental activism. Trending. This was all fine and dandy until the FRC added WRNY to the bunch in 1928.

been for a disastrous fire during World War II that destroyed the station at a Broadcasting Yearbook listings, 1940, 1956, and 1963 (via James as WAAT for most of its history. Radio New York Live. Shortly after "Network Ed Wynn." Schatz, Ron, "Frequencies Before 1941," IRCA reprint to survive to this day.

"Class C" stations. It would be a kindness if you'd take a moment and let me New York, New York ... the #1 radio market in the country. Staten Island will also face additional lockdown measures. ... Public Radio from Fordham University in New York City. WOR and WHAZ.

them survive in one form or another to this day!

WQBU 92.7 Nueva York.

up during the era of unregulated broadcasting, but failed to survive the initial The president-elect pledges to welcome as many as 125,000 refugees a year — up from the Trump administration's record-low cap of 15,000.

Brooklyn, where four evenly-matched stations battled it out tooth-and-nail for JUNE 15, 1927 - The FRC again reassigned frequencies across the dial; In the congested

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