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This slide should not just be a copy of your spreadsheet but should grab the attention of the investor to the relevant line items or metrics that prove your thesis. It's a long term investment in you. Instead focus on communicating a clear mission or purpose for your company; one that should last for many years. I started out at doing M&A. 2.PROBLEMGive a striking overview of the challenges that you address and solve. This is also important when looking at pitch deck examples. I encourage you to ask for feedback from every investor who sees your pitch deck and use their input to iterate. If you have budget then feel free to book a call to see what I know and have me help you fix it after. GTM is normally used in B2B and Enterprise Sales. TEAMWhy is your team the best fit for this startup idea? I invite friends and colleagues to hear my pitch. Here is an explanation of the TAM/SAM/SOM concept. When you go about creating your pitch deck, you should do this with a clear purpose in mind. I work with you 100%. Don’t forget to mention the investment sum you want to raise! Therefore show off your team, the team’s track record, and your wins so far, to highlight your ability to execute. No! Ultimately, fundraising is about selling yourself and your idea. If you still need to complement your management team, make this clear. So before anything else, you need to convince the investor that there is a market for your product and that one day you can generate a lot of profit from that market. You have a lot of options in what I can teach you and help get done. you only have to know because investors ask for them in order for you to get their money. However, I wasn't prepared for the hard lesson I would learn in that meeting. It's actually easier teaching a clean slate with an open mind. I give value. b) Most founders struggle to understand the simple logic: A pitch deck is a teaser. But then, you know that already. I'm fresh eyes that knows more than you do. Whether you accept it or not, your startup and fundraising efforts depend on crafting a unique, high-quality pitch deck. Best is to just pull together a list of big questions you have to make sure I cover what you want. No one was born knowing how to raise money. Think like an investor. As pitch deck consultants, we focus not only on the greatest of slide design but also on crafting the perfect story, for an investor deck or business pitch to have the best possible flow during a demo day or other kind of presentation. Thinking like an investor helps you pinpoint critical information you'll want to include in your pitch deck. All that matters is execution... etc. After all, top venture capitalists hear at least 50 pitches per week. Caveat: Not for piss takers and time wasters. Expect your audience to have the following characteristics: Therefore your pitch deck should aim to offer those clues, by answering the most important questions an investor has. Here are the main reasons why decks are rubbish: Because I know nothing about your business, but I know what investors want. So, change it up and think like an investor by asking: What would you expect of a pitch if you were in the investor's shoes? I can share some specifics, but I've only the time to teach you how to do things better. More experienced investors, founders and the like will definitely be able to tell you if something is wrong. Therefore, it is important to prepare a 3-year financial plan that builds from your sales and marketing plan and provides a detailed overview of future spending. Pricing: $300 an hour to $2,000 for a day. A good market opportunity is typically a combination of the following factors: Once the investor is convinced for the market opportunity, the question arises whether you are the right team for the job. This document is all about getting the investor excited and setting yourself up for further discussions. We bring it to you in partnership with Belgium’s largest startup and scale-up accelerator Start it @KBC, supporting and promoting more than 1.000 entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and scalable business models.

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