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Writers will never run out of markets for articles on how to cope with grief, trauma, or loss, because people will never cease to experience these things.

For example: Have you had an experience that others might wish to share?

• How does this article make you feel? If you write about it with the right spin and a salable structure, you can earn respectable money by turning your own personal experiences into articles. Note how many titles include phrases like "how to" or "how you can." And because traumatic events affect different people in different ways (even within a single family unit), an effective article can reach many different markets.

For example, perhaps you've just come back from a great vacation. Suppose, for example, that you've recently quit the corporate rat-race to become a full-time freelance writer. Some painful or traumatic experiences cannot be avoided; they can only be endured.

You should write about what you know.

Unless you are single, with no one to support but your cat, the loss of your job will affect others as well. At least, they should! Your story or article always opens with an occurrence of some sort which forces your main character to make a decision.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "A writer wastes nothing."

I can't begin to estimate how many "my first puppy" articles I've rejected, all written from the assumption that "this magazine is about dogs, I just got a dog, therefore readers will identify with my experience." Sure you can. So, there's one basic structure of the modern-day personal experience piece. Personal Experiences Archive on

Confused? Make them work for you. If, however, you are able to narrow that theme to "My ex-husband kidnapped our young daughter, and my faith in the justice system prevailed because he was sent to jail when he was caught," this would be a good focus and would make an excellent personal experience article.

On the down-side, can you help the reader cope with the difficulties involved in developing good work habits without the incentive of external deadlines, the lack of social interaction and "office lunches," the anxiety of having no secure paycheck or benefits? Experiences that you wish you could have avoided, that taught you a valuable (or painful) lesson, make wonderful service articles.

Créer une expérience client mémorable: LES INDISPENSABLES. ", Favorite Quote:Be who you are and say what you feel because those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind. Confession magazines such as Black Secrets and True Love are always on the lookout for fictionalized versions of personal experiences.

7) Satisfactory Ending.

What would you have done differently, if only you had known then what you know now? What could a reader do to help other family members cope, and how can family members themselves contribute? Nothing attracts a reader like the promise that an article will make life better.

We try to make the best site it can be, and we take your feedback very seriously. Your focus character reacts to the problem in a way that moves the story along and extends the tension.

Let's take this one step at a time with an example from a recently-published article. Once you've chosen the incident you want to write about, your first step is to pick out the point or theme you want to prove with your piece, and everything in your article must build to prove this point. Yet even potentially devastating experiences can often be avoided with the proper precautions. These happenings don't have to be world-shattering -- just incidents that others can relate to, that others may find meaningful.

Rita's sacrifice is to see a marriage counselor, and her choice is to follow the counselor's advice of putting her new husband above her children in the family dynamic. Someone once said that comedy equals tragedy plus time: Sometimes, the best time to write about your experience is when you're finally able to look back on it and laugh. Tailor your account to the audience you're trying to reach: Will your readers want to know about the most challenging hiking trails, the best restaurants, or how to get a bargain in the shops or bazaars?

Your focus must be strong. 6) Sacrifice or Reactive Choice. If something is going well in your life, however, keep in mind that thousands of potential readers wish they could say the same. If you've gone off on other tangents, rework the piece to eliminate them. Browse all the Personal Experiences you missed.

This is the reason your character made the bad choice she made. The space between these perspectives is usually where you … They may wince at the description of your sunburn, but will be glad to know what sort of protective clothing a hiker should wear, as well as the types of first-aid supplies to bring along.

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