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US. Task Force, a key initiative of Dance/NYC that gathers resources and publishes research about disability equity in the arts.

independent public body that aims to advance equality, promote equality of

Glasgow based company Young Practitioners Advisory Group (YPAG), Dance for Parkinson's Partnership UK (DfPP UK), People Dancing's International Conferences, Fact sheets and legal compliance information, Dance companies with community programmes.

Para Dance UK UK General Election: Why disabled people oppose the Tories. their families. ", Now more than ever, the students of USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance are embodying their program's vision: "The New Movement.". There are two exciting major projects I recently finalised, which represent community dance, and professional dance. Neither monsoon nor gender can put a dampener on surprise birth, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara. The idea of virtuosic performance involves dancers with precise technical control over each body part. US-based integrated dance company, Artistry.

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At the point of entry, the lessons are generally geared toward participation, so most disabled children are able to take part. Jo Lateu explains why the world's minority languages matter for all of us - and why we should be fighting for their survival. EVERYBODY dance Dance.

Natasha Kennedy applauds a pledge to involve the billion people ‘missing’ from development programmes. Lawson tips forward and launches over Sheppard as her wheels lift behind, her stomach resting on Sheppard's shins.

But have you ever wondered why there are practically no disabled dancers who hold such a status? One in a billion: born on a Mumbai commuter train.

Got it, David Toole with Hannah Sampson in "The Enormous Room". Clare Pelham explains. 6) You will receive a message pop-up that reads "Success!" Independent Living carries a legacy worth defending, argues Andy Greene. The resistance put up against the UK government's cuts by Disabled People Against the Cuts can teach us many lessons, writes... Culture of the heart: from China to the West. Spain's José Galán challenges audiences to rethink how they perceive those who are disabled. abilities.

Dance Maker Directory. New Zealand based inclusive dance company. The GIMP Project Yan Zhi Lai reports.

Sidney Ramsey (BFA '21) in Saleemah E. Knight's class last year, USC Kaufman artist in residence Hope Boykin leading rehearsal last semester, USC Kaufman dancer Benjamin Peralta (BFA '22), José Galán (bottom) with Lola López.

Dance. Photo by Chris Parkes. In fact, it offers novel pathways to several movement styles, each of them whole and generative of unique choreographic forms. And they haven't solely been dancing.

Sheppard dreams of a broad and sustainable landscape for disabled artists. Curious requests to know why Sheppard uses a wheelchair are telling of how disability typically traffics in the public imagination. When I returned to my hometown of Seville in 2010, I combined flamenco and inclusive dance, creating the first professional inclusive flamenco company.". as well as early access to video and articles, we’re very excited about our Patreon!

Arts Access Australia (AAA) is the peak national body for arts and disability. It's not the shine of a single star that Sheppard counts as success. November 1 to 13, USC Kaufman will present A/Part To/Gather, a virtual festival featuring world premieres from esteemed faculty and guest choreographers, student dance films and much more. aims to inspire, explore and create dance with disabled and non-disabled people of all ages in conventional and unexpected spaces.

Now more than ever, the students of USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance are embodying their program's vision: "The New Movement.". Dance Maker Directory. Dance. As the coronavirus pandemic stretches on, the dance world continues to be faced with unprecedented challenges, but USC Kaufman's faculty and BFA students haven't shied away from them. The popularity and respect for performances involving disabled dancers has grown since the success of the London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony, and Stopgap has been witnessing a steady increase in demand to showcase its productions both in UK and abroad.

They respected the rigour, the pursuit of excellence and the sense of progression that the syllabi offered but rejected the notion of ‘an ideal shape’ by reframing what it means to be a good dancer. the rights, quality of life and opportunities of learning disabled people and is an integrated professional dance company with extensive their families.

If the institutions can see that there is a healthy industry demand for disabled performers and that Stopgap’s inclusive training can still produce quality disabled dancers, then there is a good chance that the mainstream institutions will have no reason not to work with the company. Barney Cullum looks at how tolerance trails behind technological advances for an amputee artist in Zimbabwe. The company is a collective of disabled and non disabled dancers, actors, musicians and performers. Terms of Use Audimance will be released as an open-source app that others in the dance field can use to make their work accessible.

Equality Commission for Northern Ireland Working in the disciplines of art, design, architecture, and social justice, Kinetic Light creates, performs, and teaches…, AXIS Dance Company exists to change the face of dance and disability.

The self-described ‘radically reasonable’ comedian tells Jo Lateu why. During one sequence, Sheppard lies downstage on her back.

", "In researching my doctoral thesis I discovered that, historically, flamenco artists' disabilities were not seen as an impediment but an asset. Accessible Arts is the peak arts and disability organisation in New South Wales.

She chose to form Kinetic Light as a production company rather than a dance company in an attempt to bring the work "outside of the arts bubble," as she puts it on her website. is an inclusive

All these factors give Stopgap the confidence to engage in a dialogue with teachers and decision-makers in the mainstream institutions for dance training and inspire them to become more inclusive. learning disabilities and is based in Bromley, Kent.

Jill Jones explains why signing is particularly vulnerable to dying out – and why this basic human right must be protected. The dancers spread their arms and hold each other's stare with intimate tension. However, Stopgap has worked for more than a decade to create change, writes Shibata. ), testing and experiencing the choreography. YouTube As he gears up for the Edinburgh Fringe, the political comedian spills a few beans to Jo Lateu. But this is particularly unattainable for disabled people who have physiques that are far from the average and many of them feel discouraged from progressing through training because of this. These prepare them for advanced training at tertiary level and to enter the industry as professionals. comprising of dancers with and without disabilities. is a dance theatre company integrating able bodied Dance Maker Directory: Dance and Social Justice Fellowship Program, Disability. Stopgap is attempting to achieve the seemingly impossible.

And can you imagine what a positive impact that would have on the public perception of disabled people? Sheppard took her first dance class on a dare from Homer Avila. 2) Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to your user dashboard.

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