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He wants to see if the kitchen has strong leadership, and he's braced to reconnect with one of the feistiest owners he's ever met. Rate. Bobby reveals that he has neglected the place due to the loss of his parents, and Robert must dig deep to find a way to fix this family-run Greek restaurant before it's too late. Robert Irvine heads to Chez Olga in Grand Rapids, Mich., where the struggling Caribbean restaurant's dingy dining room, bland menu and terrible kitchen are tearing apart the mother and daughter who run it. With her daughter's help, Therese has managed to stay afloat, but after consecutive years of losing more than $100,000, they've run out of options. Robert Irvine arrives in the small, mining town of Safford, Ariz., to help turn things around at the Copper Steer Steakhouse. Rate. She creates menus for every occasion, from last-minute family suppers to elegant celebrations. The owner of the Southern-style restaurant, Ronald, is working too hard to be in so much debt. If Robert can't figure out what makes Glenn tick, this restaurant has no chance. Chef Robert Irvine is in for a taste of nostalgia when he's challenged to fix an old-fashioned lunch counter located inside a family-owned pharmacy. If they are going to be able to save Rosie’s Diner, Robert is going to need to change almost everything in this outdated restaurant. The eight-year-old restaurant/music venue made more than a million dollars in its first year, but the owner has hit the wall and is now facing bankruptcy. Robert has to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty in order to clean up this small-town restaurant. When Robert first visited Paul's in 2014, the family business hadn't been updated in decades. Rate. Two premier chefs work to transform a team of hopeless cooks from kitchen disasters to kitchen masters, and the last recruit standing wins $25,000.

Robert quickly learns that Jodi is her own worst enemy, and must deal with her micromanaging ways, a kitchen staff threatening a walkout, and the surprises that greet the design team.

Back in Business: Trouble Brewing at Garrett's Mill, July 2019 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, December TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, April TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows. 27 Aug. 2020 Back in Business: The Back Nine. Down in Jacksonville, Fla., Robert strives to save "The Secret Garden Café", by giving it a new menu and updated decor. Willie Degel is known for running a tight ship at his restaurants. The owners of Drake's Place, Sonny and Bridget, are out of both money and options. Restaurant Stakeout follows as Willie takes his practices to troubled restaurateurs lo. Mike and Cherita started their family-run restaurant, Blue Orleans in Chattanooga, after losing everything in Hurricane Katrina.

At the Ginger Monkey in Chandler, Arizona, chef-owner Jackson can't keep up with the demands of his high-volume restaurant. Copyright © 2020 Discovery Communications, LLC. Photo Credits: Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW, What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on November 11. Third-generation owner Chad and his sister, Cara, attempt to salvage what's left of their family legacy, determined to keep alive the memory of their late parents and grandparents. Robert Irvine tries to save a piece of history in Garrettsville, Ohio, by rescuing a restaurant in a 200-year-old mill. 8. S1, Ep25. These overhauls are nothing short of dramatic. You can also watch Restaurant: Impossible on demand atPhilo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Food Network online. Each week, food truck teams roll into a new city and spend a frantic weekend competing to see which group can sell the most food. Alton Brown narrates as skilled artists across America design stunning cake creations. His secret: cameras canvassing every inch of his restaurant, allowing him to keep a close eye on his floor, staff and patrons. Robert Irvine and his wife, Gail, watch the very first episode of Restaurant: Impossible. Restaurant: Impossible is a series that is currently running and has 17 seasons (214 episodes). With a $10,000 budget and two days to work, Irvine uses his creativity … The country's top bakers make springtime treats as they compete to win challenges and a $25,000 prize. A visit to Edgar's Restaurant in Akron, Ohio to make some changes for it to survive the pandemic. A Korean American restaurateur has Robert drop by her eclectic breakfast diner battling leadership issues and stiff competition. Jackson has a ton of experience and should be able to run a successful restaurant, but has three years of losses on the books. Rate. Purchased by Tony more than 50 years ago, Lyon's Pharmacy of Elkton has been a staple in the tight-knit Maryland community, but Tony's daughter Marybeth, a pharmacist by trade, has been struggling to keep it afloat since her father passed away last year. With the finances in disarray, nonexistent leadership and a divide between the uninspired staff and stubborn management, Robert faces one of his toughest challenges to keep this family business afloat. She has since suffered a near-fatal car accident, and Robert comes back to pull off a spectacular event. Robert recalls the grossest restaurants he has encountered, over the course of nine seasons. The chefs must cook frozen desserts that include hard-boiled eggs. Robert Irvine is faced with the problem of making a run-of-the-mill diner stand out in the heart of diner country in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Tackling twice the work without any extra time, Robert must get the family and the design team to focus on this double-sized mission. Then, he investigates the history of two common ingredients found in every pantry: salt and cinnamon. Then he and his team share a behind-the-scenes look at one of their favorite builds, answer viewer questions and get an update on Garrett's Mill. If Robert can't reverse the tide, Lil G's name is mud. He finds that they rely too heavily on canned food, so he updates the menu and modernizes the interior. Robert Irvine visits Garrett's Mill and Brewing Co. in Garrettsville, Ohio, to help the owners find a way out of staggering debt and keep their historic restaurant open.

3. When he reveals his findings to the owner and staff, secrets and tensions reach their boiling point. Restaurant: Impossible is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. Owner Jen can't stand up for herself and everyone walks all over her.

Robert Irvine comes to the rescue of a Maryland seafood restaurant that has been in the family for more than 60 years and is on the brink of closing its doors. The owner has worked there for 28 years, but her friendly relationship with the employees has cost her their respect.

Rate. Robert Irvine steps back in time at Rosie's Cafe, a struggling retro joint in Escondido, Calif.

They wish their son would step up more, but Sonny also struggles to give up control. 5. Rate. 9. Robert Irvine returns to Paterson, New Jersey, to check on one of his most-unique renovations, Paul's Bar and Bowling.

Do you know of a restaurant that is struggling and in need of Robert's help?

Robert Irvine heads to Columbia, Mo., to rescue McLanks Family Restaurant from shutting down. For his next mission, Chef Robert Irvine ambushes Jodi, the owner of Theresa's Restaurant in Bradenton, Fla., after her friend and banker, Miriam, puts out a call for help.

Don't miss any episodes, set your DVR to record Restaurant: Impossible Chef Robert Irvine tries to turn around restaurants across America that are facing an impending demise if things don't improve. After 13 years in business, mother and daughter co-owners Rosie and Bridget have run out of money and options. There may be cleanliness issues in the kitchen that have to be resolved as well. Rascal's BBQ and Crab House, a struggling seafood joint in New Castle, Delaware, has one of the dirtiest kitchens Robert ever has seen. If Robert can't identify and solve the problem, they'll have no choice but to close. The inexperienced owner couldn't see the burden she put on her daughter, who managed the day-to-day business. The chef and owner, Jackson, of the Ginger Monkey in Chandler, Ariz., has a ton of experience but can't keep up with the demands of his high-volume restaurant. July 2019 TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, December TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows, April TV Calendar: New and Returning Shows. 0. Rate. Robert Irvine and his staff has helped saved many restaurants and has helped the owners finally start to see a profit and get on the road to recovery. Season 17, Episode 3 Back on Track in Glendora.

The restaurant was the dream of Parrish and Maureen, a deputy U.S. marshal and a judicial assistant, but it turned into a nightmare as they started losing money every month with no clue as to how to turn things around. The series first aired on January 19, 2011. Third-generation owner Chad and his sister, Cara, attempt to salvage what's left of their family legacy, determined to keep alive the memory of their late parents and grandparents. The restaurant is run by a single mother and her five adult children who fight constantly, and the tension is tearing both the family and the restaurant apart. Past owners say that Robert has changed their lives. Chef Robert Irvine comes to the rescue of Foxfire Grill in Alexandria, Va., where the owners, Terri and Jackie, simply can't figure out why they aren't making money.

Robert helps Edgar's Restaurant in Akron survive the COVID-19 crisis. Robert Irvine travels to Muncie, Ind., where the rundown Madison Street Retro Diner is in dire straits. Robert brings new safety protocols, menu items and lessons on leadership to help the owners save their failing restaurant. With old, rotted floors and hours needed to restock the pharmacy shelves, Robert needs the full support of the community to pitch in and save a piece of their town's history. Robert visits "Salt Works II" in Wilmington, North Carolina. Robert and Gail "motivate and push each other" at the gym. Robert Irvine returns to Rosie's Cafe in Escondido, Calif., where he previously helped the owner, Kaitlyn, revive her failing restaurant.

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