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So I’m stuck on whether I should play the previous games before Origins or just get right onto it. Black flag is phenomenal. Or as in contribution as a game of the series wise (kinda like Shrek sequels after the second one, its there and some people enjoyed it but most would think it not necessary). I definitely enjoy the aspect of travelling on a ship and naval warfare as a pirate against navies, merchants and forts and traversing islands for rewards. Odyssey was the most memorable gaming experience I've had in many years. It has some minimal modern day story like it'll interrupt you after a sequence for only max 10 min or so.

Odyssey was the most memorable gaming experience I've had in many years. Nothing very important and you're free to skip Origins but there were some stuff in Origins which aren't in Odyssey such as: *Mounts that aren't horses (chariots, horses, and camels in Origins; horses in Odyssey; There should be chariots in Odyssey but aren't), *Most of the antagonists had a more distinct personality in Origins than in Odyssey, *Better written Protagonist and arguably better written story in Origins, *Mercenary System with RNG-built enemies that keep coming after you if you've stolen, murdered guards or civilians, burned resource crates, sunk ships, and other stuff, *Better outfit customization with waist, helm, legs, and torso pieces than Origins which only had specific outfits. But I’m excited to find out.

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I have exams soon and need to revise. Imo origins feels prettier, and more cohesive in some ways. The MD main character is introduced in Origins, but nothing of consequence to Odyssey seems to happen to her.

Syndicate takes some getting used to but Jacob and Evie are the best AC Protagonists you'll ever get (Ezio cheated, he had a trilogy). One thing though. Unity is a hit or miss I enjoyed the parkour. I decided to skip the others & look forward to Valhalla. By most customisation, can you elaborate in what sense? Awesome, my friend just told me she played Unity but dropped it citing it “lacked a spark”. Both Unity and Syndicate's first sequence will start off in a smaller map (Unity will begin in Versailles, and Syndicate in Crawley) but once you get to the main maps (Paris and London), the entire map is unlocked and you are free to access every area of it as you please. Plus playing through Origins and Odyssey now? And Origins has a very VERY well developed main character, amazing open world elements, and great combat.

Nothing very important and you're free to skip Origins but there were some stuff in Origins which aren't in Odyssey such as: *Mounts that aren't horses (chariots, horses, and camels in Origins; horses in Odyssey; There should be chariots in Odyssey but aren't) *Optional Level … I found Origins to feel aged in comparison, but enjoyed the story. i played the very first assassins creed game when it came out in 2007 . Hope this helped, tried not to spoil anything, hope you enjoy the game! I would like to play origins and odyssey in time for Valhalla but was wondering if I should skip these games? That’s just me ranting about a what-if Ubisoft spent more time developing their games it’d be really top-tier games. You can probably watch a 7 minute YouTube video to catch up on everything going on in the current Origins-Valhalla cannon. Black Flag is a must play! But I digress.

I don't think any of these games block you from exploring the map. Certain areas would have higher-ranking enemies and its advisable you level up before you go to those areas. Just play the new one. The whole Minerva thing at the end of AC3? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. The old ones are meh now and Origins is basically just a barebones version of the last 3 games while Odyssey built onto it a lot and now Valhalla is adding more. I want it to feel fresh and exciting again.

Black flag, rogue and syndicate are all worth playing.

There’s a new “present-day” character starting in Origins. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

If I want to go to Kingston with my 14 man crew, and starting gear and ship equipment bloody let me. No, but you'd miss a bloody good game. Would I miss important stuff? Fucking amazing game. Honestly get Origins after. Not saying its bad, but it should be its own separate game. Its okay to skip any of the games. Is that a big spoiler? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Youdo miss a great game though. That game was the most sophisticated and fulfilling when it came to stealth. Because from what I’ve gathered from research and just talking to people Origins is my type of game (great open world elements is my thing), Syndicate was a pretty good game (I love stories with great protagonists) and Unity...well haven’t heard great things. *Upgradeable ship unlike in Origins (You're barely able to use the ship in Origins either whereas you can use it in Odyssey as much as you like. Play Syndicate for fun, but none of those games is really "worth it" for the series as a whole. Id do black flag and odyssey, Black Flag only. They all have ties to mythology as well (odyssey and valhalla are obvious, origins less so, but myths and mythology were used to explain the origins of the world and various phenomena) I believe this also proves that the next game will start a new era with a new leading motif, since the mythological journey seems to end here with Valhalla.

Well that’s all besides the point. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Syndicate has gangs.... and thats about it. Origins is fine but odyssey is where it gets good. I am currently playing Rogue and sure the story is interesting but the world is not that interesting. I personally would get burnt out by the time the new one came out. Or can i give in to my urges? Black flag is worth it imo.

But graphics seem cleaner and more contrasted, cutscenes are better quality and better efficiently used, story is definitely better. Unity is an amazing game for some people; it depends on your taste. What everyone else has said. Unity has the best combat mechanics if you like traditional AC games, the most customization and the only multiplayer that isn't totally dead. Id leave everything but consider black flag. I have already played the first 5. Based on what you wrote, I'm not entirely sure what to recommend ... what did you like most from your gameplay in RPGs?

Origins is also the same. Just read all the compaints on this sub that the fanboys are trying to downvote into oblivion. I played Odyssey then Origins recently, wish I had gone the other way around. Great games, even if they are weak in some areas. and such. Well there is a big discount for now that’s why I want to get Odyysey. Now fast forward again to last week, I heard that AC: Origins was dubbed “the best instalment in the series”, and like most of my fellows here who like Brotherhood as the best I had to see if this was true or not... but I already have Black Flag and its not even finished for me yet. Thanks for renewing my interest in it. Otherwise I would prefer Origins first, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community. I was bored of AC by the 2nd game & hadn't played one since. To me it feels like the directors were aiming for that parallel with a disguised reboot in mind, You are gonna miss the birth of the Assassin Brotherhood. Some mechanics are worse though. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Never played syndicate so cant say much about that one. Would you miss important stuff? Ubi makes these games so you can pick up whichever with no need for another. Probably will give it a go then. Back then, it wouldn’t have but after playing Skyrim where you can go literally anywhere and Witcher 3 where I could literally go ignore what Yennefer said about going to Novigrad first and go to her in Skellige instead, where the game will adapt its story to that scenario amazes me. Think of Origins as AC1 and Odyssey as Ac2 if you played them before. Will Unity and Syndicate inhibit my ability to go around the map like Black Flag did or am i allowed to go as much as I can in Unity & Syndicate and put off Origins for now? Play it afterwards tbh. Play Unity. *More abilities for Hunters, Warriors, and Assassins, So overall, its worth giving Origins a try.

Play Syndicate. My first time ever participating in Reddit even though I’ve been a lurker for over 2 years now...and I’ve seen some pretty hostile things such as needless bandwagon down-voting to just flat out toxic needless to say, was quite scared of posting this. Is there match making for Co OP in unity? Instead of orcs, pirates. A host of pirate characters to be rivals, enemies, form alliances and hell even have alliance pirate wars. Don’t like spoilers, but I inadvertently can’t help but click them. That Layla Hassan story. AC: Origins was dubbed “the best instalment in the series”. Haven’t touched the Unity or Syndicate games due to the bad press I’ve heard about them but after actual research and ignoring the bandwagon hate it turns out they were actually not that bad. skip it to origins ... i only played Unity to the end syndicate is installed but i dont play it ... its the same, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community.

If I play as a pirate let me loot, raze, and take my crew with me onto land. If the origins of the brotehrhood and the templers isnt something you care about, and or you don't enjoy eygpt, then you can skip it. So there was nothing in there. Like...assassin pirate. You like London and Jack the Ripper? Am i right in assuming Unity is more combat driven, Syndicate story-driven and Origins (from the good things I’ve hears) is my personal Yellow Umbrella Lady...or game. Save for a few quests which require its use, you don't need to use the Adrestia in Odyssey at all. Glad to see it turned out well, just turned 20 25 minutes ago and wanted to try some of my first things before I did. Do you wanna see a bad ass assassin? Currently as much as I’m enjoying Black Flag the fact “memories” stop me from going to an area piss me off. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Maybe Vallhalla will be even better, but it’s going to be hard to top Origins . So, please. Combat is horrific and tagging enemies is a nightmare. Origins has a larger map, cribbed rpg elements and hack-and-slash combat. . But in the end I'd say play them all in order~ Christmas is coming soon, so maybe you can get Unity and Syndicate on sale in a bundle. They’re really not related. Just needed a reason, so cheers for that. Do you like the French Revolution? Fast forward to less than 2 months ago I played Shadows of War and loved it, saw AC:Origins was coming out by the time I just about finished Shadows of War and was hesitant to buy it, as well I’ve just had a 2-week binge of Shadows of War which was too similar to the Ac games in terms of style so I decided against it.

For news, discussion and more about Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise. And I tend to listen to her on things like this as she tends to be right due to our similar tastes (something I’ll never obviously tell her lest I fear I inflate her ego, and God know I’m spiteful af). I'm dead serious.

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