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Expedited shipping is the only way to guarantee a specified delivery date. Classical guitars first became popular in jazz, country, and pop, mostly. If you’re in a rush, though, we’ve also listed the top 10 budget acoustic-electric guitars before. Classical guitars have been dropped by pop and rock musicians in this era of all-digital devoid-of-life music. If you’re looking for other options in the under 300 range check out the link below. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer

If you need a guaranteed delivery date, you must select an expedited shipping method (either next-day air or two-day air) during checkout. Gear returned in mint condition. Nylon strings were introduced after World War 2. Their sound solutions are modern, advanced, and like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is only an estimate and not an official string spacing. In order to keep with such a pace and lead musicians into the classical guitar branch, companies like Yamaha have created classical guitars that feel like a steel-string ax. Looks like an awesome guitar for a great price. By all accounts the FG800 is an improvement on the FG700 and that gets amazing reviews as you’ll see at the link above. This nut width is pretty standard.

I believe Yamaha is a top brand for mid-level and top-graded instruments. D’Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light Tension – Corrosion-Resistant Ph… We are just trying to guide you towards the best instruments you can buy right now to start or continue your musical journey. If you change the Ship-To country, some or Shop for the Yamaha SLG200S Steel String Silent Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Tobacco Sunburst and receive free shipping and guaranteed lowest price. If so, check out the FG730S.
pickups control the dynamic range of the highs and lows in order to give a better resonance and plenty of headroom for your acoustic guitar amp and your extra acoustic guitar pedals. The tone of this guitar is well beyond its price – but it can be difficult to play if you prefer a lower action. That means the transition from electric to classic could be seamless.

Yeah these are really good value for money. My friend, the NX guitar Series is one of the best electroacoustic household names in today’s music industry. For the under 300 range, I do think that this is the guitar to go for and will be something that you can still enjoy as an experienced player – it is my #1 under $300 guitar as you can see at the link below. Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped you to learn more about Yamaha’s new FG800 acoustic guitar. But thank you in any case, this is a very useful text. In particular, the tonewood of choice is a combination of Spruce and nato for the back and sides. Jumbo guitars are bigger and heavier than their dreadnought counterparts, and they are known for their pronounced curves. Videos& Reference Materials, Audio Recordings, Videos& Reference Latin settings (like Brazilian’s Bossa Nova) also needed these kinds of instruments to create their World Cup-ready music. Hello and welcome to my Yamaha FG800 guitar review. The NCX3 acoustic-electric, nylon-string guitar's contemporary appearance, traditional neck profile and Atmosfeel™ pickup system make it an excellent choice for accomplished nylon-string players seeking superior amplified sound. Keep in mind the NTX700 also packs a built-in tuner, so intonation is not too much trouble. And Yamaha's 6-string acoustic guitar options don't stop there. From what I can tell the string spacing at the bridge is 2 3/5″ (based on specs I found here – – which gives string spacing at the bridge as 11mm – which equals 0.433″ which I then multiplied by 6 to get 2 3/5″). Buy this, and there’s no need to look further regarding nylon-strings. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. That’s a great thing in my book. Along the way, digital programs became ”better” (as in cheaper) to “record” acoustic guitars into any song. I was amazed at the quality for the price. It’s quite a bright tone I’d say a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being super warm and 10 being super bright. Renowned Yamaha craftsmanship results in instruments of exceptional playability and tone—and four models incorporate the unparalleled Atmosfeel™ pickup system, which provides consistently superb sound regardless of volume level. These changes were further refined to emphasize the natural characteristics of specific tonewoods and optimize each body silhouette. This guitar looks like a true classical piece.

It looks and plays like new and may be considered an equivalent to display units found in retail stores. So again a little bit of extra cost but not too much and would turn this into a guitar that’s way above its price-tag. I love the tone and especially the volume. Like I said above too high for my tastes. First off, Yamaha added a rosewood bridge with a compensated saddle. By actually reproducing the sound of an acoustic guitar—right down to its natural sustain and decay—Yamaha lets guitarists experience the genuine body resonance, body tone and ambience of an acoustic guitar.SRT Powered sound can even be mixed with the sound from the instrument's piezo pickups, allowing guitarists to be even more flexible in their creative endeavors.

Likewise, the playability is superb as it feels like a Fender Stratocaster. If you have a Yamaha bass, guitar, piano, or keyboard in your hands, you know you’re holding a quality item made with special care. Check out the links below if you are interested in learning more about the FG800 or if you’re looking for where you can buy it online. This is a configuration that consists of one pickup sitting under the bridge packing a very special tech. The neck is thinner and lighter than average steel-string guitars. Just be careful that when your sanding the length and width back to make it fit that you don’t make the bottom of the saddle uneven – you want to keep the bottom of the saddle completely level. If you want the best of the best regarding acoustic guitar tuning pegs, then you should check the Yibuy Vintage units.

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The top-of-the-line NTX5 acoustic-electric, nylon-string guitar’s modern looks and unparalleled amplified sound enable electric guitarists and steel-string players to easily explore the world of nylon-string playing, while strap buttons and the exceptional Atmosfeel™ pickup system make it especially appealing to performing guitarists. With its easy-fret access, narrow waist, eye-catching oriental blue color and bright sound, you'll have no problem standing out from the pack with the APX500III.

And the adjustment shouldn’t cost that much – usually around $20 to $70. The tuners, which are sensitive components in entry-level and mid-level guitars, are die-cast machines that do a great job of keeping the instrument in tune. Oh, and not to forget! ... SRT Powered is a new system designed to recreate the body resonance of an acoustic guitar in a bodiless guitar.

There’s also a black binding all around the top, and an overall pretty finish. As a result of precise measurement and experimentation, several refinements were made that enhance low-frequency response without compromising durability. This Yamaha NTX700 is a sure way to certify your electroacoustic guitar for many years. The slightly narrower width makes it easier to play physically as you don’t have to get your hand around as much. But everyone’s ear is different. Yeah a lot of people buy guitars online.

However, if one or more items in your cart is less than 1 lb, overweight/ oversized, shipping to a PO box, shipped from the vendor directly, shipped from a store location or if the order is held for credit card verification, it may take up to five days to arrive if you select standard ground shipping method. It reproduces a beautiful classical sound with plenty of output, clarity, and depth. Is someone knows saddle measurments in mm trying to find tusq saddle that fits .. And for the saddle, the PQ-9276-C0 Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates. Yamaha is a Japanese super corporation. I think everything I say makes it very clear why this guitar is so valuable. If you like a low action and want a guitar straight out of the box it may not be for you. These pickups are able to control how the temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure affect the wood in order to recreate the best possible scenario in which the system creates the amplified sound. I couldn’t find that information. YAMAHA FS 700S The tobacco sunburst Yamaha FS700S is a concert-size, steel-string acoustic guitar which borrows its design concept from the flagship LS series. Get your gear before it's gone |, New Arrivals: The hottest gear and exclusives.

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