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We will process the dividend payments directly to your account with us if you are eligible for receiving them. CFD Dividends. Let's say you receive a dividend payment of an x-amount which is lower than the auto-reinvest threshold of the pie and won't be reinvested yet. They show how much you have received per share along with how many shares you owned at the time the dividend date was recorded. The money you get from a dividend will show up in your Free funds section inside your portfolio. Fractional shares dividend payments will be split based on the fraction of shares owned, then rounded to the nearest penny. When Trading 212 pays a dividend you will also get a notification with all the details. In time, you may receive more dividends and the amount of free cash in your pie eventually increases, which makes it go above the pie's threshold, and thus an investing event will be triggered. Yes, Trading 212 does pay dividends. CFD dividends, on the other hand, will be paid into your account on the ex-dividend date. For Invest/ISA accounts, dividends will be paid a few days after the payment date, due to accounting reasons. To qualify for a CFD dividend payment, you must have an open position of the company's instrument until the ex-dividend date. 2.

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