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Still amazed that I actually enjoyed smoked tofu and that it took the edge off my longing for bacon. I didn’t have the net back then, but I raided two city libraries and discovered they had hundreds of books between them. Over the years I have re-introduced meat into my diet, but still prefer vegetarian options. I definitely won’t be going back to cheese! Fried rice.

I would have been lost without it!

Protein can be an issue for vegetarians if they aren’t eating a balanced diet. What is that? (Iron in the form of greens would be good as a side or kale cooked with the lentils would be good). All is revealed over at my Vegetarian Monthpage. I can see why you're having problems. I think there was a comment from Tracey (I hope I have the name right) on your Vegetarian month page – that many of the recipes are very carb focussed which can (bizzarely enough) make you feel like you have no energy. Also, I just take a multivitamin every day which eliminates the need to worry about iron, B12, etc. I might throw in some kale or green beans, too, just because I like any excuse to add in more green veggies. I also idenitifed a protein deficiency and that just took for me to find good recipes to live on - e.g. Its hard to get it without meat, I was super weak and hungry for a while, then I mindlessly started snacking on peanuts and suddenly got better. Morning Star has a variety of products that you can eat. The meat industry is so taxing on the environment that even reducing our consumption makes a huge difference. hahaha! You may need a snack between lunch and dinner- an apple with peanut butter is my ideal, it has fat, protein, complex carbs, and is sturdy enough to keep me full a while. It gave me the information i needed to go vegetarian. I've switched to eating mostly vegetables, beans, and rice with some occasional fruit. If you are a big pasta eater, you might want to cut back. Also add things like peanuts, bok choy, cabbage, sprouts, etc to your fried rice. I'm kinda anemic for reasons not related to vegetarianism but I sometimes feel like that. Have a good day guys! I found my energy levels increased considerably once I started to eat chickpeas and tofu – which are good sources of iron. Then you will also need more protein. How do you think about the answers?

We’re too poor to eat a lot of red meat, but we do eat a lot of chicken and sometimes pork. Thanks, jules. You could add a cow, three chickens and a goat to that, and you'd still be eating garbage. Roasting different varieties of potatoes with garlic and rosemary to serve as a main course with a spicy romesco sauce or even a decadent bernaise. However, that level may be an important amount for a vegan over a lifetime. I agree with Jude – mushrooms should feature more in vego diets – there used to be an ad on the telly with a butcher calling them ‘meat for vegetarians’ because of the amount of B vitamins that they contain. It’s because I love all food and I love variety. Chicken stock does make lovely soup. I\’ve been vegetarian for many months and after watching Earthlings my husband, myself and our kids all became vegan overnight.

My belief is that a plant based diet is still the way to be, but a steak once or twice a year sure still tastes good-and what’s wrong with that? I guess it’s a good idea to take extra iron, say, once a week, if you don’t eat meat. My entire family eats meat so I don't know how to get the right vitamins like when they cook meat I eat everything but the meat. That gives me the flexibility to use chicken stock or an occasional piece of bacon, etc., while keeping my focus on beans/grains/vegs. You were a person that only ate fish!

We usually eat vegetarian throughout the week and feast on meat on the weekends. Do this for a few weeks and see if you don't feel better. I certainly achieved my objective of gaining some new menu planning habits and had some great discoveries on making vegetables the star of the show. Ditto on the expense of meat. That's true, but B12 usually takes years to come up. Great lessons learned, and great inspiration for more meat-free days. C. The average amount of B12 in mushrooms is still to be calculated, but is not likely to be more than 5% of the RDI. Plus, it’s yummy! It’s one you can’t get unless you eat a fortified food (cereal) or take as a supplement. I'm newly vegetarian (about a week) and I jumped in cold turkey. Yeah i bet you do!! For lunch and dinner also try to eat raw veggies like, carrots, broccoli, peas, etc etc.

When done right, you can be a very healthy vegetarian...but you have to actually pay attention to what you're eating. Keep an eye on what you’re eating and how you’re feeling. I don't know why, but rice was never enough for me. I love how many aspects you’ve covered – everything from the pitfalls of sudden dietary change to making dining-out easier (and interesting). Remembering to soak lentils etc, and other ahead-preparations.

Also, I'm 14 and I'm only 5 feet tall.

You need to get real food, not fried crap, cheesy crap, "bread" (you need a MEAL, not just bread), and a brownie. Are you eating some healthy fats too? Mushrooms do have B12 present. wow, a little over the top. Enjoy whatever it is that you choose!

Why am I feeling so weak? So, let me spell it out for you, Jules & friends: most vegans once enjoyed eating meat (& dairy & eggs), many as much as you – I know I did.

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